It’s been a busy and wonderful week …

This is the last post for Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share and I am sharing my busy and eventful week with you.

Starting Monday evening for Anthony’s birthday, we decided last minute to go for dinner. I was quite tired after having the munchkins all day, not that I am complaining, Monday is my best day! We thought we would try one of our favourite Greek places but when we got there it was closed and being renovated, never mind we drove to another favourite. This had been replaced with another restaurant but it was packed to the rafters with tables spilling out onto the street. Finally we found a small Moroccan place that could seat us. We had beautiful meal and we will definitely go back. I was amazed that on a Monday night this suburb was so busy with nearly every cafe and bar full. So different from last year.

I found some wonderful murals as well. The whole street was lit up and many trees were decorated with lights and baubles.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I played Bridge all with different partners. I think I am becoming a bit obsessed with the game. I have joined a golf club, not to play golf but to play bridge! It’s just a social membership but the club has fantastic views from the terrace towards the sea and the city skyline. It will be good for evening drinks watching the sunset.

I have been busy also trying to buy everyone’s Christmas gifts and my mind has been a whirl. The children were easy and I could have bought so many things, but had to limit myself. I’m nearly done and now for the wrapping, which is not so enjoyable and also to find somewhere to hide them. Lachie and Rosie pretty much know every hiding place there is.

I’ve also been pressure cleaning the tiles outside, which is extremely hard and dirty work, with the dirt spraying up my legs. All in a good cause I suppose.

Friday night we drove into the City to meet Elena, Damian and children to do the Rio Tinto Christmas Trail. First we were having dinner and the only place I could get into was an extremely noisy and packed pub. I thought Rosie would be scared but she seemed to enjoy the live band. Places now have apps on the table that you scan and order your food and drinks where you sit. It’s so convenient and saves having to line up at the bar.

Off we set to walk the streets of Perth. I have to say Perth has really outdone itself this year and is definitely on par with Sydney and Melbourne. Maybe I’m biased. Although I would have preferred the lights not to have been so far apart, 6,000 steps later…

Tonight we are off to our annual street party, walking distance of course. It’s going to be a very warm evening. Catching up with all the street gossip will be fun and meeting the new kids on the block.

🎅🏻 Have a very Merry Christmas everyone and hope you are on Santa’s good list 🎅🏻


  1. Love the cricketing Santa, Alison! What a nice idea the Christmas street party is. I guess it’s a better proposition with your weather than the European white stuff! Have a lovely family Christmas!

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  2. Beautiful light displays and murals. Ali. The third mural in blue really stood out. Thank you for your weekend coffee share and PPAC contribution in spite of a busy week. Happy holidays to you and your family! See you in 2023.

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  3. Hi Alison, I don’t recall seeing you in our weekend coffee share before, so welcome! I’m glad you joined in. Thanks for the great taste of what Perth has to offer. Looks like loads of fun.

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