Bright Lights and City Sights

I’m linking up this post with Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share and Public Art Challenge.

We arrived back in Perth very early Thursday morning, around 1 am and I’ve been busy ever since. Especially today as it’s Munchkin Monday and have been run ragged by my two adorable grandchildren. The plan was to see Santa and choose a Christmas decoration each. They both declined the visit to Santa, Rosie being particularly scared and anxious, she is only two. Anyway I didn’t push it and we just stood and had a look at the scene before us. We had a pitstop in a cafe, coffee for me and smartie cookies for them. Back to the house for some Christmas baking, more cookies and then chocolate cake for hubby’s birthday. A huge sugar hit today, hope they sleep okay!

Below are some photos of Hong Kong at night.

Let City Lights guide you home

One thing for sure about Hong Kong, it really knows how to dress up at night, Christmas especially. Walking around the city that never sleeps there’s always something to catch your eye. Brightly lit skyscrapers, shop windows and side streets.

Oohing and aahing at every corner!

John “Rudolph” Travolta

Even the trams get a sprucing up, just captured this as it trundled by in a blur!

This is just because! I turned around walking through this shopping centre at night and just liked the clean lines and the diagonal pattern it made.

Just like to say thanks to Natalie for taking on the PPAC challenge after Marsha, something I’ve always enjoyed. This is also my first time for Weekend Coffee Share, although I’m a day late.


  1. Ali, Thank you for your PPAC contribution. I enjoyed seeing Hong Kong at night through your lens. The festive looking tram, the holly jolly couple (Mr and Mrs Klaus?) and John ‘Rudolph’ Travolta made me smile. There is one more Weekend Coffee Share and PPAC link-up on December 16-18 weekend. I hope to see you then. Have a wonderful week!

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  2. Our little grandson has just turned two and he’s excited about the thought of Santa but not about getting too close. I think they’ll be looking from afar. It sounds like you’re having a great time with your little people.

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    • Rosie even said she doesn’t want Santa in the house and no presents, Lachie freaked out and started shouting Santa don’t listen to her, please come!
      They do make me laugh
      Have a great week 😊

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