Hong Kong – Streets, Alleys and Quirky Sights

Over the past couple of days we have been traipsing around the streets, reacquainting ourselves with our favourite areas of Hong Kong. Central is one area that we have always enjoyed walking around, from here you can join the Central-Mid-levels escalator to access the streets of Soho, namely Elgin Street and Staunton Street. The escalator was built in 1993 and at that time was the longest in the world. Old and new buildings exist along side each other creating unique scenes.

The two guys above are both wearing safety harnesses that aren’t attached to anything! No helmets but to be on the safe side they have their masks on.

We stopped for lunch at a tiny Italian restaurant just off one of the levels of the escalator, one which we had been to many times before. We were happy to see that it wasn’t a Covid victim.

Just outside Anthony noticed a girl painting a mural, so I asked her if I could take her photo.

The damp grey walls could all do with a bit of paint. She was doing an excellent job. Take a look at the murals in the slideshow below.

The smell of fresh pine leaves outside this shop brought back so many memories of our Christmases in Hong Kong. We would always have a real tree, since moving to Australia we just have a fake one now.

Anthony’s favourite food, animal intestines. Sadly I don’t share his taste in food and I’m not a fan of Chinese or Japanese food.

I mentioned before that there are many wonderful sculptures in Hong Kong, I love the ones below.

Thanks for coming along for the walk around Central. There’s always something to see that’s odd or quirky and you can always find so much artwork around. It’s great how Hong Kong are renovating all the old buildings and holding onto the history. There is a place for everything here.



  1. How I envy you the chance to explore Hong-Kong once more. I’d love to re-visit that place but sadly I don’t think I’ll manage it again. Nice to read about it in your post though and to see your excellent pictures.

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  2. This walk evoked many happy memories for us Alison. Interesting that you now buy artificial trees, Is that a seasonal reason being Christmas summertime with you? We always buy two really big real fir trees, one for the lounge and the other for the kitchen. We got them last weekend and decorated them then. I know it’s very early but I’m away quite a lot before Christmas and didn’t want the best ones to get snapped up. My husband always moans about bits of pine that gets stuck on the upholstery of the car even though he puts cloths in and the trees are netted up!

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    • Sounds lovely and Christmassy in your house already
      Yes it’s a seasonal thing
      I never feel quite in the mood with the sun so bright and being so hot
      It’s better now we have grandchildren
      My husband also moans about the needles!

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  3. That photo of the guys on the scaffolding just sums up the ridiculous disproportionate fear of COVID. What a bloody joke! Like the chance of breathing in a germ is more dangerous than being up there without a harness! Ok put that aside…. really like the look of the clash of old and new in this area of HK, especially Stone Slab Street. Does it feel just a bit odd revisiting somewhere like this…such a different culture but one you once knew so well? Like you’ve gone back in time?

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    • I’m not a fan of Japanese food either, I don’t mind the odd piece of sushi and maybe teppanyaki but not the raw fish.
      There’s nothing that Anthony hasnt tried!


  4. What a delight to see more of daily life of this beautiful city. Although I had to laugh at your comment about the boys- no helmet, no harness, but wearing a mask. Someone should probably sign them up for Safety 101. Beautiful murals and sculptures but I would probably have to give a hard pass to intestines for dinner.

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    • The no harness boys is a typical scene in Hong Kong! You and me both Meg, I can’t even watch Anthony eating them.
      Thanks for your comments have a great weekend 😊

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  5. Hello Ali, I loved your pics of the shops and sculptures and murals of the mid-level escalators. Am stuck at home recovering from Covid at the moment, so your pics of Hong Kong Street life have transported me into another culture. Many thanks, and Happy Christmas! Rose

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