What’s on your Bookshelf – December 2022

This is the last post for the WOYB challenge for the year, hosted by Debbie at Deb’s World, Sue, Donna and Jo.

I have a few to bring to the table, you’ve probably guessed that another Lisa Jewell will be there.

The story of two men and two women. A missing man and a man who’s missing his memory. Lily has only been married three weeks when her husband disappears. Alice looks out of her window one cold rainy morning and sees a man on the beach, he is still there at the end of the day. This is another wonderful story by Lisa Jewell, keeping me hooked until the very end. 4/5


This book intrigued me because of all the wonderful reviews it had. It popped up as a recommendation on my Kindle notifications. It is such a simple story but so beautifully written. A great Christmas read if you are looking for something to get you over the holidays. It’s about a man called Bill Furlong who is married with four daughters. Set in a small Irish town in 1985 (although it seemed like it was 1965!). It also features the Magdalen Laundries once again, such an inhumane and cruel time in history. You will be humbled and eternally grateful for what you have in your life once you read this book. 5/5


I read this on the recommendation of Debbie and thoroughly enjoyed it. I won’t review it as you can read Debbie’s review and many others. Easy fun read. 4/5


Another fantastic read by Eve Chase. Set on the Cornish coast and having two time-lines. Half sisters Lauren, Flora, and Kat are summoned to the Cornish house where they spent their childhood summers by their father, two hiding a secret. A few twists along the way but had me gripped until the end. 4/5


πŸŽ„ Until next year everyone, and I hope you receive many wonderful books under the tree πŸŽ„


  1. Hi Alison, I’m so pleased you still linked up despite being late for #WOYBS. I enjoy Lisa Jewell and haven’t read the book you’ve recommended. I also haven’t read The Birdcage so two to add to my TBR list. I have read your other recommendations which I enjoyed. Looking forward to you joining us next year for #WOYBS. If you are interested we are also changing the name of our Word of the Year link up to What’s Been On Your Calendar? where you can write about anything. It will be the last Friday of each month and open for 7 days – maybe we should keep #WOYBS open for 7 days as well. Anyway would love to see you there. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2023. xx


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