London Canal Walks – Limehouse Cut

A drab and dreary day faced us on waking up but we still decided to go ahead with our plan. We took a train from Basildon to Limehouse Station and as it was lunchtime the first thing we did was look for a restaurant. We found a very good one called La Figa, a traditional Italian. After a wonderful lunch we stepped outside and the rain was just as heavy, but my dear husband said we should stick to our plan as we needed to walk off our lunch.

I am fascinated by the canals throughout London and the walks along them. I love all the barges and often wonder who lives in these. Some are in shipshape condition while others look damp and dilapidated.

The Limehouse Cut is a straight long canal and the oldest canal in London, opening in 1770. It is relatively short but you can walk to Three Mile Island from here (our original plan).

Either side of the canal there are some very fancy apartments. A two bedroomed apartment would set you back a mere £570,000.

“Name a Dream”

Would you rather live on a canal boat or in an apartment?

We wended our way along the canal walk for about half an hour, when dear husband turned and said it was enough! I must admit the weather was getting worse and to take any decent photos I had to turn my whole body as my hood was obscuring my view. One thing is for certain you wouldn’t find anyone swimming in these waters, except the ducks.

Walking to the next road we decided to catch the next bus, wherever it went? What a coincidence that it went to Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, husband’s dream come true.

Well until another find day when we can explore more of London’s canals and waterways.

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  1. I feel i want to apologize for our weather but you knew about it when you came so it isn’t entirely unexpected. Nevertheless, it is disappointing as a canal walk in good weather is delightful. Glad you had a good lunch at La Figa anyway, goes a little way to make up for the incessant rain.

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  2. It’s changed loads, East London, hasn’t it? Still love the canals though. Even on a rainy day. Will just have to smuggle this into a Monday walk. How much longer do you have in the UK?

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    • There is so much to see in East London Carol, old churches next to modern buildings. Great restaurants tucked in between, wonderful parks and of course the waterways 🙂

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  3. I love a wander in London, especially along the waterways. We recently walked a bit of the art walk from Stratford down towards Greenwich, it was a lovely walk. Such a shame the weather didn’t play the game for you. Really enjoyed your posts from your time in England- you packed so much in!

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    • Thanks Helen, we tend to do that a bit here and a bit there, my husband’s more interested in shopping so I have to make sure I see everything quickly!


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