Market Murals and Real People

This is the second post showing murals from the town of Basildon. There is a market area with many different stalls and small cafes and dotted around are miniature murals of the various stallholders. They are very cute and I managed to get a couple of photos of the actual people.

Marta and Kay from Marta’s Chimney Cafe. Such a gorgeous little cafe where I enjoyed a delicious home made Chicken and Veg Soup. In the summer they dress up in these cute red dresses.

I thought these would be appropriate for the Public Art Challenge, Lens-Artist’s Double-Dipping and Thursday Doors. Hoping the pingbacks work!


  1. How cute are these, Ali! What fun! We had a giant mural on one wall in the Tulare County Office in CA. One of the secretaries’ daughter’s pictures was used as a model little girl enjoying a world of books and their characters. It was fun and adorable.

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  2. The murals are delightful. I think this is a great entry for Thursday Doors and I wish I had seen it earlier. I did add it to the recap. I hope you will share more photos with us in the future.

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