Murals from my Hometown

I was very surprised recently when I went into my local town that there were some fantastic murals around. Basildon Town teamed up with some world famous street artists to create some large scale murals across the town of Basildon. There are other towns along the Thames Estuary across South Essex and North Kent to transform these towns with themes aligned with Climate and Community.

Community Mural – Marina Capdevila

This mural was created with the residents of a local day centre for Dementia patients. It depicts the residents engaging in the activities they love the most, fishing, playing guitar and socialising with each other.

Artist – INSA

This is just one of a few paintings on the building of the old Marks and Spencers.

Artist – Erin Holly

This mural was created in a series of workshops with the LGBTQIA community. It plays off a dinner table scene, reimagining the “nuclear-family-around-a-dinner table” scene. Source: Erin Holly

Artist – Gabriel Pitcher

In partnership with the Billericay Round Table and FC Laindon Republic, a social club for young men between 18 and 45. The mural explores an alternative approach to masculinity.

Apparently there are a few more murals around, so I will look forward to finding these on my trips to the town centre.

Monday Mural


  1. What a great collection of murals, and I like the way that several reflect the life of the town or have been developed with local people. My favourite though is the purple flower – gorgeous!

    I hope you’re enjoying spending time with your family and your dad is as well as can be expected.

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