Five photos for CWBC Five

Five photos for Cee’s CBWC

This challenge kept me very busy for a few hours! Lots of fun editing and colouring in.

Cee says photos can be black and white, desaturated, sepia (brown tones) or selective colour.  

Five Dinosaurs using colour fill
Five tiers, Shimabara Castle, Kyusu Islands, Japan – using greyscale Kagoshima
Five sun loungers, Bali – using Bandicoot Beautiful Bali
Five Columns, Collbrook Bridge, Regents Canal, London – touch of colour Exploring London
Five arches and five windows – Seville, Spain – in Sepia


  1. Great photos Ali, all brilliant but have to say I really like the Japanese castle. Stunning building that you’ve captured so well. It’s crying out to be printed on a big big canvas.

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