Sydney, still glorious

After our visit to Melbourne was over, we flew into Sydney for three nights. This was to catch up with relatives and friends that we hadn’t seen for a few years.

We stayed in the Oaks, Goldsbrough Apartments in Darling Harbour. Very well located and within walking distance to the CBD, Darling Harbour and the new Barangaroo wharves.

One of the things we noticed about Sydney after Melbourne was the contact tracing. Everywhere was so much more vigilant than Melbourne, with people outside making sure you checked in or restaurant and bar staff asking before they served you.

Goldsbrough Apartment Complex

It was originally designed as a wool store by William Pritchard in 1883. This building caught fire in 1935 and burned for two weeks, but was rebuilt by Stuart Brothers the original builders. In 1995 the building was converted to apartments. The outside was kept to the original Victorian outlook but the inside is to my mind, something like a prison! Fairly well appointed as a one bed apartment with spectacular views over the city. We were on the 11th floor.

My dear husband commented “I wonder when lights out are”

Over the next three days we met up with friends and relatives and also did – for me anyway – large amounts of walking. Compensating for the large amounts of eating and drinking we were also doing.

Our walk from the apartment to Waterfront Park, Pyrmont took around 20 minutes.

Looking over at the new Crown Tower in Barangaroo
Anzac Bridge
Glebe Island Bridge
Enormous rusted steel spheres, saved from the former CSL Sugar Mill, located on the former site.

The Glittering Lights of Sydney

From our apartment
Darling Harbour Views

Walking around Sydney

Crossing over on Sydney Harbour Bridge on the train

Barangaroo harbour and wharves was only in the early stages when we were in Sydney last, now it’s completed and another feather in Sydney’s cap. Sadly the rooftop bar in the Crown Casino is only open from Thursday to Sunday. We found this was the case with many of the restaurants. Also we saw many bars, cafes and restaurants that had closed for good. The places that were open had the minimum of staff, so the wait was long for the food.

I really enjoyed staying in the Pyrmont/Darling Harbour area with the waterfront restaurants and cafes so close by. The harbour front was buzzing and lively during the day and night. I hope business picks up soon for the businesses here.

And then it was back to Perth where we thought we had escaped quarantine, but unfortunately not. I think this will be the last of our interstate trips until they have stopped closing the borders.

After four days of no long walks, the boys had had enough and I came down to this in the morning.

“It wasn’t me”


  1. The Pyrmont and Darling Harbour end of Sydney is so lively although as a local, don’t venture down to Pyrmont so much! I think one of the dogs is avoiding all eye contact here! I’ve also thought about an interstate visit but don’t like the speed with which borders seem to shut at the moment. Perhaps later in the year.


  2. Lovely photos of Sydney Alison from your apartment windows but I agree the internal corridors do look rather prison like / industrial chic I suppose. Have visited Sydney several times but not for a few years so it was so nice to see your photos reminding me how nice the city is. Was it a cushion that got chewed by one of your furry friends? It could have been worse! Gorgeous weather here at last so fingers crossed it continues. Take care, Marion.

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  3. The photos of the views from your apartment are wonderful Alison. It seems ages since I was in Sydney last but your photos and words brought it back to me. Not good that you had to go into quarantine after that wonderful trip away! It’s a tricky time for travelling at the moment that’s for sure.

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  4. Loved your pictures of Sydney! What incredible views of the harbor! Sydney is one of those places that everyone knows the name of, but no one knows much about. So it’s so fun to get to see more of it and learn more of it.

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  5. I loved my six days in Sydney many years ago – and then Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne and your post brought back many happy memories. An Aussie friend’s father arranged the accommodation and looked after us very well in Brisbane and we saw a lot of the area. We always thought if we’d been younger we’d have emigrated to Australia (Sydney definitely).

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  6. That last photo is definitely a look of studied innocence! And I see what you mean about a prison. We liked Sydney, though it’s nearly two decades since we were there, and who knows if we’ll ever travel that far again? It might become too much hassle.

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  7. What a coincidence, we stayed at that hotel 6 years ago when we went to Sydney for my son’s wedding. It has great views and so well located.
    I visited Sydney quite often until end of June 2019, as my husband worked there for about 2 years, so I got to see quite a lot of the city and northern suburbs where he lived.
    When I was there last mid June 2019 the Crown tower wasn’t yet finished. Nice photos Alison.

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    • Thanks Sami, you would definitely notice a difference if you went back! Lots of building but also so many places closed, it just doesn’t equate


  8. My sister and I were just talking today about visiting Syndey. She has visited, I have not. When the pandemic allows I want to come to Australia. I am going to bookmark this page for some ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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