Exploring London

We always visit my native country at least once a year for around a month from Perth, WA which is now our home.  I was born in London, worked in London for 16 years and lived there in my twenties for a while, however I was brought up in Essex.  So Essex is not far from London around 35 minutes by train into the City,  Fenchurch Street, and we always like to spend a few days there.  We only go for day trips and mostly to shop and eat!  We usually go to the East end of London for the markets, very rarely venturing into the West.

Although I used to know London pretty well it has now changed so much I find it hard to navigate around without using Google Maps!  There are so many new buildings and streets its getting more like New York every year.  I love it though that there are still the old churches and pubs dotted about in between all the new buildings.  The food is not like it used to be years ago, just the basic Egg and Chip cafe or the more upmarket Steak houses.  You can now eat anything at any price and it will always be great.
The photos I’ve added are from days out over the past couple of years.

Pubs and Bars


Lunch at Davy’s Bar, just outside Fenchurch Street
sign inside the bar!
Outside The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping


The Prospect of Whitby, as you can see from the sign, is said to be the oldest riverside pub in London dating back to 1520.  It has been used in many tv series.  All that remains of the original building is the 400 year old stone floor.   I used to go here in my twenties and wanted to revisit.  I was quite disappointed that it now only served the basic pub food, whereas many years ago it was a “white tablecloth and silver service” establishment.  Still the views are amazing across the river.  20180903_180322.jpg

I zoomed in across the river to snap this with my Canon Powershot SX730



Having a quick pint!

The Ship in Talbot Court, EC3 dates back to 1895.  A great traditional pub hidden in a little alley.

Cocktails at The Alchemist, Bevis Marks, EC3


  1. I am not sure if this is the post you mentioned on my blog Ali, but I thoroughly enjoyed the read regardless! I Iove how London adapts to change over the years and you enjoy seeing how different it is now. I am loving London so far.

    Also, great zoom on that camera over the river! Very impressive.

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