Mlini, Croatia

Five days/Four nights in Mlini

After leaving beautiful Perast we headed off to Croatia again taking the scenic route. After much thought as to how to make this journey I decided to book a driver, although more expensive, as it seemed the most comfortable way to go. Our driver took the coastal route and was able to stop where we asked so I could take photos of the stunning coastline. It also meant that we got to take the mini car ferry across the Bay of Kotor.

Day One

We stayed in a little bay just passed Mlini called Srebreno although the address of the hotel was in Mlini.  We had an incredible apartment called One Suite Hotel, big enough for four adults with two toilets and completely fitted out kitchen and most importantly a licenced bar on site!  The hotel was approximately five minutes from the beautiful bay of Srebreno with its own ferry pier with boats directly to Cavtat and Dubrovnik both 30 minutes away.

After checking in we went in search of lunch and also a nice restaurant for dinner later. Right on the beach is a newly built Sheraton, slightly out of place I thought in this sleepy village.  Srebreno is an extremely well looked after village and many of the buildings seem very new, although there is still a sleepy small place feel about it.  I loved it on sight and as we wandered along the seafront was happy that I had chosen this place rather than Dubrovnik.

Against the good advice I was given I did not buy reef shoes to go into the sea.  There are very few sandy beaches in Croatia and this one was no exception, most are pebbles.  So with flip flops on I walked down to the edge of the pebbles and into the sea and threw my flip flops back onto the beach.  The water was very “refreshing”.  Getting out was a problem and I most certainly did not look like Ursula Andress/Halle Berry in 007 more like a creature from the deep treading on Lego.  Walking on pebbles is painful.

That night for dinner we went to Marinero, up the hill in between the pine trees.  We asked the waiter for his recommendations and had a local dish, Brudet, which is a fish stew made with whatever fresh fish they have on hand.

Brudet, Croatian Fish Stew – so delicious

Day 2

After breakfast we walked down to our little pier and caught the ferry into Dubrovnik. Our plan today was just to walk around the old town.  Although getting into the old town is free you do have to pay to walk the ramparts.  Even though it was September the place was so busy with many tour groups and queues everywhere, so we decided against walking around the walls.  Apparently to get the best of this place I read that you should actually stay inside and then you have the place to yourselves in the evening and early in the morning.

Tonight’s restaurant was Puntazella.  Another fabulous place with great food and service.  We actually went here twice as it was so good.

Sunset through the pine trees from Puntazella

Day 3

Today we took the bus to Cavtat, a beautiful historic town, southeast of Dubrovnik.  It takes about 20 minutes by boat or bus.  With its tree-lined harbour and wonderful old buildings its a great way to spend the day exploring.

A map showing the bay with Srebreno, Mlini and Plat, with Cavtat and Dubrovnik
Squid Ink risotto

After getting the bus back we spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach and hobbling in and out of the sea.  That evening we walked around the bay into Mlini itself for cocktails and then back for dinner at Portun.  Once again a wonderful restaurant just across the road from our hotel.

Day 4

I think today was the highlight of our trip, an excursion to the Elephiti Islands.  These three islands consist of Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep.  Sipan is the furthest away from Dubrovnik with Kolocep being the nearest.  The day trip (leaving from Dubrovnik) included time at all three islands plus a delicious lunch on board with free flowing wine and beer!

Our first stop was Kolocep and we stopped here for around 45 minutes, enough to have a quick walk around and a drink.  Next up was Lopud this was also for 45 minutes.  Enough time for you to get a feel of the islands and take a few photos.  I could just have easily stayed on both for a few days.  Then we were back on board for lunch and onto the last island of Sipan where we spent nearly 3 hours.  Sipan has one of the few sandy beaches in Croatia. To get there we had to walk for a while before then taking a golf cart down a dirt track, I was adamant that I wanted to see it though!

Leaving Dubrovnik

Our Boat
Built in wine rack
Enjoying the local Rose before heading back

I would really recommend this trip, it’s really easy to book once you are in Mlini as there are ticket centres everywhere.

Day 5

As we had a late flight back to the UK  we could enjoy the whole day, so we headed back into Dubrovnik by bus this time.  Even though Dubrovnik is now just a tourist attraction and extremely busy I could still enjoy walking through the old town and soaking up the history within its walls.  There are so many alleys, doors and courtyards to walk around and cafes to stop and have a drink.  The only thing missing (much to Anthony’s dismay) were shops, proper shops! He does love a department store which I’m glad to say there were none.

Waiting for the bus
The bus stopped at the top of the hill and we had to walk down so many steps!

And that concludes our short trip to Croatia.  We had two more weeks in the UK before flying back to Perth.  Still a long wait for our two boys Zac and Rufus who were enjoying their own holiday in kennels ):

Always with my dear hubby

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