Our route to Kagoshima

Nagasaki to Kagoshima

6 June 2017

By now I think our two drivers were getting the hang of the roads and tolls!  It was especially useful to be able to input a telephone number into the satnav instead of the actual address – very helpful considering how all the Japanese places were spelt.  Because if you put an o instead of an a or e you can end up many miles away as all the names are very similar or so they seem to us.  Also included in the satnav the amount of the toll you had to pay was spoken to you beforehand.

We had a four hour drive ahead of us as you can see from the map above.  As Kyushu is made up of several small islands there was not really a direct route to take to Kagoshima.

We passed through Yanegawa on the way which is made up of lots of canals.



Arrived quite late to Hotel Shiroyama – beautiful hotel – high up on a hill overlooking Mt. Sakurajima.  Sakurajima is still smoking and one of the reasons we visited Kagoshima.

As it was late decided to eat at the hotel on the 13th floor.  Had a gourmet French dinner – fantastic!

Shame the windows in our room were frosted! so had no view – obviously you had to pay more for the view.



  1. Look forward to reading more of your trip. We didn’t do any driving in Japan, but we used the fantastic rail network to its fullest extent. That view looked fantastic.

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