7 June

Unfortunately raining so hard today – our first day of rain so far – that we had to abandon  all plans but to just stay in the car.  So whilst Cheryl and Vaughan opted to stay at the hotel we decided to drive down to Lake Ikeda which is right at the bottom of the island.  Found a lovely Italian on the way – food wise everything to my taste so far.

The snap on the left is Lake Ikeda.  It was raining so hard and was so windy that I could hardly get out of the car, as I got out and tried to put my umbrella up the door slammed shut poking the umbrella in my stomach whilst the umbrella was still up.  So this photo is a feat in itself.  Anthony refused to get out and help me.  The photo on the right is the quaint little Italian – Happy Point Italian.

By that night Anthony had had enough of non-Japanese food so we found a sushi bar just for him – I did try a couple of pieces.




  1. Look forward to reading more of your trip. We didn’t do any driving in Japan, but we used the fantastic rail network to its fullest extent. That view looked fantastic.

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