Battling beautiful bushy bougainvillea brambly branches

Hubby hard at work trimming branches

This is a job that needs to be done at least four times a year. Beautiful to look at but a pain to maintain! The more you cut the more it grows.

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  1. I didn’t know bougainvillea was hard to look after. I’ve never given it much thought I must admit, just admiring it as I lounged in other people’s gardens (not in the UK I hasten to add, it doesn’t grow outdoors here). Definitely, you need someone who’s handy with the loppers.

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  2. I have the same colour bougainvillea planted alongside an old wooden pool shed at the front of our property.
    Pain in the backside to maintain it most certainly is and the ‘puncture’ wounds I have garnered over the years are testimony to the enmity ‘we’ feel toward each other!
    As beautiful it is to look at when in bloom I think its days are numbered.
    I’m too long in the tooth for prickly things these days.

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