It’s a dog’s life!

A few snaps of my two scallywags who jump up on any chair or sofa they feel is comfortable.

That’s Rufus at the top waiting for snacks, just finished yoga and wondering why there is no space on the sofa.

Then there’s Zac, the laid back one. Likes a read of the paper and is a bit of a poser.

Both are rescue dogs and we don’t know much about their previous lives. Rufus was in a bad way when we first got him and was a skinny little thing. He’s like a little piglet now. Zac has a very naughty side and has to be kept on a lead otherwise he will chase anything with wheels or legs! A couple of years ago he knocked the postman off his bike and we received a very large fine. He’s not aggressive though just extremely playful.

Our sofas are ruined and most of the chairs, but what can you do 🀣

πŸ• 🐢 πŸ• 🐢 πŸ• 🐢 πŸ• 🐢 πŸ• 🐢 πŸ• 🐢

Posted as part of Becky’s SquareUp


  1. I love seeing Rufus and Zac at White Beach. They always sniff out my treats and I always share them with them. Barry’s paw still has not healed – back at the vets on Wednesday. Hopefully the strong antibiotics have helped and I can get back to White Beach soon x

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