A Family Trip to Melbourne – Part Two – Walking the Yarra Trail

Waking up to blue skies again was a very nice surprise, especially after the weather forecast had predicted rain for the whole of our stay here. We had the day to ourselves, so what to do! I do like a walk along a river so did a quick search and saw we could walk the Yarra Trail into town.

We hoped on a tram right outside our apartment building and got off at the start of the trail to walk into Melbourne. It’s a great scenic walk, good for cycling, walking and running, starting with bushland and ending up with skyscrapers.

As you can see there are many bridges to cross the Yarra River, whether by foot, train or car.

I spotted these concrete blocks high up on the ridge, the photos make them look larger than they are. Pretty cute I thought!

Rowing is a very big part of Melbourne sports, dating back to the 1800s. There are many clubs to choose from and the Yarra River is ideal for training.

“Warin the Wombat was carved from a 2.5- tonne redgum log by Des McKenna and took two weeks to complete. The wombat is named ‘Warin’ pronounced Wareeyn, a name derived from the local dialect of the two most important Aboriginal tribes of the Melbourne area.” . Source: City Collection Melbourne

This is one of my favourite photos of the trip that I took. I’ve decided to call it “Elements and Textures”. There is sky, water, earth and foliage and also steel, glass, tile and brick. It captures the diversity of Melbourne.

Princes Bridge
Finally ending our walk with some beverages!

Of course as we were now so near to the city what choice did we have but to go shopping! Anthony always says it’s just for a look, but I think I know better after 30 years.


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