A Family Trip to Melbourne – Part Three – Lunch at Mornington Peninsula

With the weekend upon us it meant Laurence and Maddy were able to join us for a day out. We all fancied a winery but with so many in Victoria where to go, North, South or East? After some research we decided to wing it and try one in the South East, Mornington Peninsula. Well our first choice didn’t work out which was Foxey’s Hangout, but the carpark attendant suggested we try the sister winery around 15 minutes up the road, called Morning Sun Vineyard. There wasn’t much sun around but plenty of wine.

The menu was short and tapas style so we just ordered every item! Sadly I forgot to take many photos of the food as it disappeared all too quickly. The staff and service were excellent and you could taste any wine. The location was just perfect and it was very cosy inside.

A luscious Shiraz for three and a “flight of whites” for me.

Not much left on those plates
An almost perfectly quartered photoCows galloping across the field

Another fractioned photo!

The Gang

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday, family, food and wine

On the drive home we passed by a stunning mural on a water tank, so I jumped out and took a few photos. Located on Arthurs Seat Road it was painted by Michael Leeworthy. It depicts life in Arthurs Seat and is a tribute to the local firefighters. I’m linking it to PPAC.


  1. What a lovely trip. I canโ€™t believe you got every item on the menu! Yum! The food looked great! The mural was so beautiful. I love the old truck and all the animals. What a peaceyplace! Thanks for linking to PPAC, Ali. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜

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  2. What a lovely vineyard! Actually sometime this year my husband will be sent to Australia for work. At some point I plan to vacation there — it’s likely after his assignment ends.

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