A Family Trip to Melbourne – Part one – Prahran Market and Legoland

The day finally arrived for our trip to Melbourne to visit Laurence and Maddy. It was a bright and clear day in Perth and there was so much excitement as we packed up two cars to drive to the airport. We parked in the long term carpark and then caught the shuttle bus to the terminal. When we arrived at the airport, Lachie was already saying “are we in Melbourne yet”, a phrase that was heard very often over the next few hours.

On the bus to the terminal

As we prepared to print our luggage tags a Qantas assistant came up and did everything for us, so helpful, then walking through immigration we were once again assisted through the hand baggage check. Of course poor Anthony gets stopped every single time because of his titanium shoulder and always gets frisked and patted from top to bottom.

The plane was almost full and we were all sitting in a row. Masks needed to be worn which was a great game for Rose as she tried repeatedly to take mine off. Although it was nice to be travelling to Melbourne again the masks are a pain to wear! You were only allowed to eat at designated times, when the food was served and masks were to be placed back again when the time was over.

We were staying at The Hamptons in St. Kilda in a two bed, two bath apartment. We had decided not to rent a car as it is hard to park in Melbourne for any length of time.

On our first day Elena and I took the kids to Prahran Market where there was live music for kids. It’s a wonderful market with lots of cafes and food stalls selling all kinds of fruit, veg and baked goods.

Patiently watching the trams go by
On the tram

We couldn’t believe how helpful people were assisting with the pram and giving us the correct directions to the market.

I had to stop and take photos of the great murals always found in Melbourne.

After the market it was home again for nap time before our visit to DiscoverLego at Chadstone. This is something Lachie had been looking forward to for a long time. It’s a great experience if you are a lego enthusiast, young or old. The work that goes into creating these exhibits is astounding.

As we were technically still on Perth time we went out for dinner to The Grosvenor Hotel within walking distance from our apartment. That’s the best thing about Melbourne you don’t have to go far to find a pub, restaurant, cafe or bar!

A lovely end to our first day, hopefully tomorrow goes as smoothly!


  1. Great that you can travel again, at last! Masks on the plane are a bit of a pain (we had to wear them on our 11 hour flight to Costa Rica, except when eating!) but are a small price to pay ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Fun timesโ€ฆfun times. Your grandson is so cute looking out the window and waiting for the tram. Hope youโ€™re enjoying your trip to Melbourne.

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