The Final Photo of April

Brian from Bushboy’s World hosts a challenge called Last on the Card. Post the last photo you took for that month.

I walked to my Bridge Club on Friday and this caught my eye!


  1. Good find Ali. Love the caption. I can see someone having a bit of a rage against their bike or a maybe an act of revenge against the owner. Thanks for joining in with your quirky one Ali πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh dear! It reminds me of our own bicycle shed/room in the basement. It’s meant for all the people in the building and one clever clogs had the idea to have a bicycle rack on the wall and you pretty much hang up your bike like the one in your picture — except I cannot get mine up. Not mine (which admittedly is a pedelec so a tad heavier than the average bike), nor my grandson’s (a fairly light kid’s bike). The hooks are just too high and generally it may be a good idea for winter storage but certainly not if you need your bike daily. πŸ˜• I still wonder what the purpose with the bike in your photo was. Great find, btw.

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