Lens-Artist Challenge #196 – Humour

This week’s Lens-Artists Challenge is from John @ John’s Space and the theme is humour. Looking back through my archives I see I have plenty of funny ones. I love taking photos of signs that seem to make no sense apart from the person who wrote them! I’ve also included a gallery of my naughty dogs.

First a joke!

Who got this the first time? Not me!

My family is used to me by now getting them to do all sorts for a photo, although my son wasn’t too impressed when I asked him to pose for the one of the right.

The various poses of Zac trying his hardest to get comfortable

Rufus wins the prize for the naughtiest dog, guilty or not guilty?

A couple of puns to finish off and I have to say I am still laughing! Please tell me you think they are as funny as I did


  1. I had some good laughing there, Alison! Thank you! Love the signs and the last puns, but – what lovely naughty dogs you have ;-D And I understand your family had to get used to your photographing them in the strangest situations…I must admit i still don’t get the bathroom thing…? Maybe too early in the morning, but…

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  2. HA! GREAT selections! I recently binge-watched Peaky Blinders. Good show, but ‘gritty’! Getting comfortable while sleeping (Zac) is a life’s work! Someone has to do it! Love the final puns. 😱😂

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  3. I love spotting odd translation signs like those – I wish I’d though to share some in my own post! And your dog must be a constant source of amusement judging by those photos!

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  4. Great pictures Alison, loved seeing your dogs! We have two cockers and when they were younger, their antics was a constant source of entertainment. In spite of their mischief at times, they brought a lot of happiness. I can image your do also!

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