A Rural Father’s Day

This week Debbie has set the one word Sunday challenge as rural. As it coincided with Father’s Day I thought I would combine the two. It’s been a while since I saw both my parents, coming up to a year. I was lucky enough to have them both with me for almost five months last year, because of Covid they were stuck here for much longer than planned.

I asked them to artfully arrange themselves on some hay bales at a winery we visited

“I’ve got a hole in one”
“Tree Hugging”


  1. Your parents look like they were having fun!
    It’s been 26 months since I last saw my parents and sisters… Looking forward to travelling next year.

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  2. Oh nice looking couple and your parents still look young and healthy! Happy Father’s day to the fathers in your life. I don’t know why Australia celebrates in September…so do you celebrate it with the rest of the world?

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