Touring Tasmania – Sheffield, Town of Murals

I was very excited to see this town, a whole place dedicated to murals. I find murals very intriguing as there is so much to see in them. Like an outside art gallery. It is the mural capital of Australia and it is modelled on a similar place in Canada.

As we were still driving towards our last destination of the day, Stanley, and it was getting late, we only had time for a very brief stop. I did managed to take quite a few though.

I tried to find out more about these murals, some have descriptions but some only have the artist’s name.

The titles mentioned are ones I have made up myself!

The featured image is of Cradle Mountain by John Landis

Friends and Strangers

Artist: Kerry Nicholson

Sports around the world

Artist: Kerry Nicholson

A day away from the city

Kerry and Malcolm Nicholson

The above murals were at the beginning of the road before entering the town itself, they didn’t seem to have much information on them.

There is so much colour and details in these murals, I think the above is my favourite, an afternoon quilting by the river.

There is a message in this one, I can only guess by the image of the old man on the left and what was inflicted on the indigenous people with the arrival of the explorers and convicts from England.

The end of the road

I did take more but am saving them for Monday Mural


  1. All so very colorful. I liked the quilters best. As a girl I used to sit and watch my grandmother and great aunts make quilts. I am that little girl in the picture.

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  2. These are excellent. I love murals and street art too – probably seen by more people than they would if they were in a gallery. Quilters is lovely.

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