A Few Sculptures by the Sea

Every year Cottesloe, Western Australia hosts Sculptures by the Sea and this year was the 17th year. It is one of the largest sculpture exhibitions in the World. We dropped by last week, fortunately we arrived just in time as it was the last day and some of the works had already been taken down. It runs for around two weeks in March.
The sculptures are arranged all along the beach and on the walkway above. Some are truly magnificent and wonderful works of art. My favourite type of gallery – outside!

Below are some of my favourites.

Labyrinth – Andrea Vinkovic

All the above stones are intricately carved but I couldn’t find anything about each stone’s story.

The backs of the stones are also carved, such fascinating designs

Dignity – Yuko Takahashi

The above sculpture is made of bronze

Wandoo Mantle – Tony Davis

This is made from Wandoo wood a type of eucalyptus and steel

Jina Lee – A Gift

This work is inspired by traditional Korean lucky pouch “Bokjumeoni”. It’s made of sandstone and rope.

This is an event I try to see every year. It’s best to come early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not so strong.

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  1. Such a fun event with such a variety of sculptures. And I like how some of the artists really interact with the environment!

    My favourite has to be the Boab – and its reflection.


  2. The beach is wonderful showcase for many sculptures: a shame you missed the days when everything was there, but it looks a wonderful display all the same,


  3. What a wonderful idea. I’d be a regular visitor like you, if it was within easy reach.
    Those carved stones are fascinating, and I love the Takahashi horse


  4. What a wonderful idea, no wonder you go every year! I would do so for sure if I lived nearby 🙂 I especially liked Dignity and the Baob tree, plus of course all those intriguing carvings on the Labyrinth stones 😀

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  5. What fun! I like Dignity and the Boab tree. Someone put so much work and love into the stones and they’re wonderful but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the entire grouping was “Sharks!!” 🙂


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    • Haha someone else mentioned a dragon, it says on the description a place for contemplation and I know my friend and I were looking at these stones for quite a while. Each one seems to tell its own story.
      Thanks for stopping by Janet😎

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