Touring Tasmania – First stop Hobart

After almost a year without taking a plane anywhere, we bit the bullet and decided on a road trip around Tasmania. It took a while to persuade hubby but with much cajoling he finally agreed.

We flew straight to Hobart from Perth for the start of our trip. I had booked three nights at Grand Chancellor right on the waterfront. It seemed like everyone in Australia had the same thought. Hobart was buzzing and almost every restaurant was booked solid. Luckily I had prebooked a couple of places before we arrived.

Up on Mt Wellington

We did the blue bus tour to Mt Wellington with a very chatty knowledgeable driver. On the way back he dropped us off at the Cascade Brewery for lunch and a pint. We then hopped on the red bus back into town.

On the top deck with the wind in our hair

This was just part of our first day in Hobart. Posting from my iPad which isn’t my favourite way to post!

More from Hobart to follow!


  1. I think this is the first post I’ve ever read about Tasmania and I’m sure when you’ve finished with it we’ll all know a lot, and have seen a lot of great images. Enjoy your holiday and thing of all the people on this side of the water looking on with envy!

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  2. Wow looks like a great trip Alison. We loved Hobart, seemed to be so much quainter and more historic than mainland Aussie cities. Lovely photos bringing back wonderful memories.

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