Monday Mural – Escape Artist

This amazing mural is located in Fremantle and was painted by Fintan Magee. It is dedicated to six Irish prisoners who escaped from a British penal colony in Western Australia in 1876. There are six flying wild geese in this painting and they depict thousands of Irish Men who fought other people’s wars. Source: Fremantle Shipping News, you can read more about the Fenians here.

I saw this mural yesterday afternoon while walking around Fremantle with my hubby, and stood there for ages just looking.

Escape Artist
A closeup of the face

Posted as part of Monday Mural.


  1. As an Irish person (although resident in the UK) this is totally fascinating as it’s something I’d never heard of. My only knowledge of the Irish in Australia is Ned Kelly whose story I learned in song as a child (and can still sing it). I also noted when I was there, the enormous number of street names in Sydney that corresponded to those in Belfast. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Now I shall go read about it properly.

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    • It is fascinating isn’t it. We were just walking around and I stopped in my tracks and I noticed a plaque on the wall, I took a photo but cut some of the words off. It’s such an incredible painting though. Anyway do read the link it’s so interesting


    • Mari – you must know ‘The Fields of Athenry’….

      Last Verse…..

      By a lonely harbour wall
      She watched the last star falling
      As the prison ship sailed out against the sky
      For she lived in hope and pray
      For her love in Botany Bay
      It’s so lonely round the Fields Of Athenry

      (He’s not a baddie – its set during the famine – he stole corn to feed his family and was deported..)

      Fabulous mural Alison…..

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  2. What a great find Alison! I haven’t been to Fremantle for a while, never even knew about this mural.
    Fintan Magee is such a brilliant artist too. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

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    • Thanks Sami, I was so happy to find this. I looked up his website and he has done some great work’s a shame that it’s been blocked by trees and scaffolding though


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