Ephesus, Turkey

My A to Z Travel Challenge – E is for Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey

We visited Ephesus on our Mediterranean cruise many years ago.  We took my parents who were then in their early eighties.  This was one of our ports of call along the way.  Docking in Kusadasi, we took a bus tour organised by the travel desk on the cruise ship to Ephesus.  Even though it was October and meant to be out of season it was still so crowded with many tour groups visiting at the same time.  At one point I had to turn around and put my hand up to a French tour guide and say wait, stop pushing as she tried to shove me aside along with her twenty or so people!

It seemed amazing to me that hoards of people were allowed to walk all over these ancient ruins, seeing as this has been stopped in Athens.  Still it made for a very interesting tour.  Although trying to keep up with our guide was another story, as he was hopping and jumping like a mountain goat over rocks and stones.  This was how we lost my parents during this trip.  I didn’t realise how many silver haired men wearing turquoise polo shirts there actually were.  Luckily we caught up with them back at the entrance.

A sight to behold!  Trying to take photos and soak up the history and also trying to find your tour guide.

The Library of Celsus

The Library of Celsus

I’m not really a cat person but find they make very good models for photos!

Ephesus, Kusadasi

Trying in vain to spot my parents!

Amongst the ruins – My Samson!

The dusty dry landscape of Ephesus

It is a trip well worth making if you visit Kusadasi.  I’m not sure a tour is any better than going it alone though as you are not able to wander freely and soak up the history here.

Here is a link to much more information and history about this wonderful place.  Ephesus.

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