My A to Z Travel Challenge D is for Da Nang, Dalwallinu and Denmark

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang, a coastal city in Central Vietnam is a place we’ve visited a few times as it’s relatively easy to fly to from Perth.  Also the airport is very near the coast, which means you can be on the beach by lunchtime!  The coastline stretches for 30 kilometres and has many resorts lining the road.  Our first stay here was in a hotel not on the beach but across a very busy road and it seemed that we had chosen a spot very popular with the locals.  When we went over for our first swim there was hardly an empty spot in the sea!

The view from our hotel window

Da Nang is halfway between Ho Chi Minh City in the South and Hanoi in the North. It’s a good place to spend a few days before heading off to either Hue a few hours North or Hoi An in the South.  In fact most hotels in Da Nang offer a shuttle service to Hoi An.

We caught a taxi to the Novotel in the city and took some photos overlooking this busy city, in contrast to the stunning peaceful coastline.

Da Nang is definitely a place I will be visiting again.


Dalwallinu, Western Australia

We visited Dalwallinu on a wildflower road trip in September a few years back.  It is located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, around 250 km from Perth.  Dalwallinu is the first town on the wildflower tour.  Every year the wildflowers start appearing anytime from June in the North and sweeping south to finish in November.  We stayed one night in Dalwallinu and another in Moriwa.  The flowers are incredible and appear all over the roadside and grow in the harshest of conditions.

Perth to Dalwallinu

Enjoying happy hour in the delightful surrounds of our accommodation with smoke billowing from a bonfire in an upturned oil barrel!

We had to keep stopping along our drive because there were so many beautiful views.

A pig look alike tree
A carpet of purple flowers

The circular flowers are known as Christmas wreaths and seem to flourish in these sandy conditions.

If you ever visit Australia during these months this is certainly a tour worth doing, but be sure to book accommodation early as there are very few motels or hotels along the way and they get booked up very quickly.

💐🌷🌸 ðŸŒº ðŸŒ» ðŸ¥€ðŸ’ðŸŒ·ðŸŒ¸ ðŸŒº ðŸŒ» ðŸŒ¼ ðŸ¥€


Denmark, Western Australia

Finishing with another place in Western Australia, this time way down south.  Denmark is over 400 km from Perth, too far for a day trip but great for a weekend or mid week break.  We have travelled to Denmark a few times in the time we have lived in Australia. There are wonderful wineries to visit and it’s a good place to visit Walpole where the Valley of the Tree Tops walk is located.

It was named Denmark after a naval surgeon, Alexander Denmark in 1829. Before this it was called Leeuwin’s Land after the Dutch East Indiaman, Leeuwin.  This was back in 1622.  Any sailing ship in the 1600’s was called a Dutch East Indiaman.

There are so many rental properties in Denmark it’s hard to know what to choose.  We booked a cute little house in the middle of the forest.

As you can see by the photos we went in the middle of winter, but we had a cosy fire in the house we rented.

Some of the birds that came to the balcony every morning waiting to be fed. 

Some from our morning walk.  Hubby contemplating another 25 years with me 😆
And that’s not our house, just a ramshackle shed in the middle of the woods. 

Wrapped up warm against the chilly weather! 

And D is done!



  1. I see what you’re doing now Alison. Great idea and so interesting. Da Nang looks lovely but not heard of the Aussie towns before.


  2. Danang, my favorite place in place in Vietnam. After seeing the pictures of the beautiful flowers,I’ve decided to add Australia to my Bucket list, Nature keeps surprising us ..

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