~ Post from Perth – Weekly Catch up ~

It’s been almost a week now since I returned from the UK. The jet lag this time has taken longer than usual, and I’m in danger of getting in a loop, going to bed early and having a nap in the day! It has to stop. For the first few days I generally take a sleeping tablet, but that’s something I don’t want to get used to. Hopefully I will return to normal soon.

Last photo from the UK

So where has the week gone? I took it easy on Monday and was supposed to unpack, I will finish it soon just a case (no pun intended) of putting the clothes away.

Tuesday I was back at the Bridge table and after drove straight to my daughter’s for a spot of babysitting. Wednesday I had Rosie again for a few hours, Lachie has started school and I will miss my munchkin Mondays.

Thursday and Friday more Bridge, no wonder I haven’t fully unpacked!

View from the terrace where I play Bridge

Being back in Perth is wonderful, my dear hubby has missed me and is glad to have me back. I have missed the sun and the warm weather, I can’t cope with English winters anymore.

Photos for Natalie’s Public Art Challenge

On my last day in Dublin I went for a walk near the hotel to have a look at the murals located on the walls of The Icon Walk.

LeftGabriel Byrne – hosted The Late Late Show on a Saturday night, known as The Housewife’s Choice and a gentle shepherd.
MiddleThomas Crean (1877 – 1938) – Explored the Antarctic three times with Scott and Shackleton. Awarded the Albert Medal for bravery
Right“Priests on a remote island off the coast of Ireland managed to encapsulate Ireland’s changing consciousness about the church and that delicate matter, that, the anoited ones might be as imperfect as the rest of us; only funnier”

This was a lovely walk and I wish I had had more time to properly look at all the descriptions of the various artists. Ireland has produced so many famous authors over the decades and continue to do so. My favourites are Dervla McTiernan, Claire Keegan and Marian Keyes.


  1. We don’t like English winters either…it’s the dreariness that saps you! However, regarding your jet lag, are you really sure you want to “return to normal”?
    “Normal” is not something I aspire to being, and I somehow think that you don’t, either!

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  2. Ali, Glad to hear you’re back at home safely. I hope your jet lag is over soon. I enjoyed seeing those murals. With so many famous Irish artists, I imagine the Icon Walk is going to lengthen. Thank you for your PPAC contribution.

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  3. Like you, I usually travel without my husband who minds the home and dogs. My m.o.t.h. is always glad when I return! I love the view from your bridge game location! I am about to learn Mahjong. Have you ever played that?


  4. It used to take me forever to get over jet lag returning from the UK. It is great you can take it easy until you do.

    I didn’t realise your traveled without your beloved. You must have missed each other very much!

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