🥃 Delights of Dublin – Day Three – The Spirit of Dublin 🥃

“The Light Music of Whiskey Falling into a Glass – An Agreeable Interlude” – James Joyce

I always like to go on a Hop on Hop off bus whenever I’m in a new city, it’s a good way of seeing everything and hopping off whenever something takes your interest. So today that’s what we decided to do, I had a few places in mind I wanted to visit. Dublin Castle, Phoenix Park and the Guiness Store. We walked over to Dublin Castle but didn’t go inside and then onto the City Hall.

There’s always one!

City Hall

Dublin City Hall was built between 1769 and 1779 and was originally used as a financial centre by the merchants of Dublin. Twelve columns support the dome of the Rotunda and the mosaic floor depicts the Coat of Arms of Dublin. A truly breathtaking building.

After this we hopped on our bus and our first stop was Teeling’s Distillery, not somewhere we had planned on going but our driver said there was a lovely coffee shop there, so we decided on a quick stop.

While we were drinking our coffee a very dapper old gentleman came up to us and wished us a “top of the morning, ladies”. He said he hoped we would be going upstairs for a proper coffee, and then introduced himself as John Teeling, the man himself. When we said we were not whiskey drinkers (blasphemy, indeed) he insisted that we follow him immediately. With that we were whisked through the entrance, no ticket required and he proceeded to give us a private tour, we actually interrupted a fully paid up tour and our man introduced us all to everyone.

While he was giving us a very in depth talk of how the place started and the way whiskey is made, I took photos of the beautiful artwork adorning the walls.

“Whiskey is Liquid Sunshine” – George Bernard Shaw

Entering the distilling plant itself we were met with a very earthy aroma! We peeked inside the fermenting mixer and watched the grains being mashed.

Next up was the distillery room itself, where the whiskey is distilled in the vast copper pots. Mr. Teeling proudly showed us the three huge copper pots with brass name plates and lo and behold there was one name after me! Well not me personally but his granddaughter.

Moving on to the bar itself, I think Mr. Teeling’s favourite place, judging by his enthusiasm to get us up there and insisting that we have an Irish Coffee. As we sat at the bar watching the barman make us very extravagant coffees, I was hoping fervently that our man wouldn’t stand around and make us drink every drop.

The Perfect Pour

I managed a quarter, which was good going as I’ve never drank whiskey in my life.

We all agreed that this was a highlight of our trip, we’ve obviously still got that certain je ne sais quoi!

Phoenix Park was next up our our tour, but when we arrived the bus driver turned at the start of the park and drove back! Deciding it was far too long to make the trek to the entrance we had a quick walk and waited for the next bus.

Getting off at the Epic Centre we had a quick coffee stop and then proceeded to walk along the river, over the Sean O’Casey Bridge and back to our hotel.

Sculptures depicting the Great Famine – 1845 to 1852, a period of starvation and disease due to the potato blight. A truly terrible time to be alive.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

I hope you’ve enjoyed these three days in Dublin with me, I have many more photos but will post these another day! I think enough is enough at this stage. I’ll finish with one last quote:

“What Whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for” – Irish Proverb


  1. Alison, one of the best things about travel is the people you meet along the way. We had a similar experience in Geithorn, Netherlands a few years ago when a resident invited us into his home. It was the highlight of the trip. Kindness, especially when unexpected, reminds us that we live in a beautiful world. P.S. I had my first pint of Guiness in Dublin – purchased by a stranger. I will forever be a fan. I’ve enjoyed your trip. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a wonderful story to tell, the people you meet and the experiences you get. By the way, your featured photo is great.
    At first some of the images don’t show up on my screen, I still have to click on the “?” to be able to see the images. Maybe my laptop is just too slow and the photos don’t load straight away. I got there in the end.

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  3. How wonderful to have a private tour like that – Mr Teeling sounds like quite a character! But such a shame you don’t like whisky – I do, and although I can’t drink too much these days I would have finished that coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. alison, great post!
    how cool that the granddaughter had the same name 🙂

    and the hop on and hop off bus seems like a great way to get around in cities – enjoyed your post on day three of your trip 🙂 – and the video makig the drinks was extra fun

    Liked by 1 person

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