Picking Favourite Photos – Lens Artist Challenge

Sarah from Travelwithme has challenged us this week to show our three favourite photos. What a difficult challenge for everyone. It will test everyone’s ability to decide, and they must be three different genres as well. Here goes!

My first favourite would have to be my gorgeous two munchkins, Lachie and Rosie. Although this isn’t the best I’ve ever taken, it is one of my favourites. It is so natural and not one where they pose and say cheese. I asked Rosie to give Lachie a cuddle, she leant over and just rubbed her head again his shoulder making him scream with laughter. They are the best of friends.

Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong

A man watering his plants amongst the rubble of the surrounding dwellings.

I love the colour in this photo and also the way it shows this man creating something beautiful outside his small apartment. It doesn’t look very sturdy but he carries on oblivious to the danger!

I took this photo of Hong Kong Island sitting outside a cafe on Kowloon side. Showing the ship “Star Pisces” setting sail for one of its popular cruises. You can just make out The Peak in the background.

These are just some of my favourites over the years, not necessarily the best but the ones I feel have character in them.

Thanks Sarah for a very challenging challenge!


  1. Loved your choices Alison – that image of your little ones is fabulous!! So natural – I know just what you mean about the “cheese” issue! I loved both of the others as well.

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  2. These are great – such a cute natural shot of the children, and a colourful night shot, but my favourite is the one of the man tending his plants because it tells a great story πŸ˜€

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  3. I love your choices. It is difficult for me to choose my favorite from your three. The top one with the kids is just so sweet and so special. The middle one is like a story you want to pursue and the bottom one is just so delightful with all of the color and the lights. You did a great job on this challenge!

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  4. A great selection and I can see why they are favourites. Hard to choose but I loved Hong Kong harbour at night because your image brought back some very happy memories to me of sitting there and looking across to the Peak.

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  5. Your grandbabies are cute and that is a great shot, I love natural shots of children and the second image tells a story, which is always good in a photograph. As you say, a difficult challenge only because it’s so hard to choose!

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  6. Alison, the photo of your grandchildren is precious. I too prefer ‘in the moment’ vs. posed portraits. But, I can’t take my eyes off the second photo. The juxtaposition of the man watering the plants within the seemingly chaotic environment is beautiful. One man’s reality…

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  7. Love them all, the laughing kids – I can hear them! My favourite though, is the man watering his plants – there is so much of life in it. A story or two.

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