Margaret River Meanderings

Leaving Albany around 11 am we made our way to Margaret River where we were meeting up with some friends for the night. The journey was approximately 4 hours, so with a stop for lunch we hoped to be there by 4. We had a quick lunch in Manjimup and then we were back on the road again.
This time the Chauffeur wanted a rest, the nerve on him! Anyway I did take over the wheel and having never driven the Mercedes before I was a bit nervous, but as we had the road to ourselves and it was long and straight I thought I might be able to manage it. I didn’t take into account the fact that I’m the one who map reads but the Chauffeur likes to follow the sun! Maybe he was Christoper Columbus in his other life. So needless to say we did take a wrong turn, adding another half an hour or more onto our journey. I did miss a turning and managed to do a U-turn, narrowly missing a curb while quickly checking nothing was coming the other way.

By the time we arrived it was 4.30 pm, after checking in, we had a quick meander to the river.

We were staying in the heart of Margaret River, very close to the main drag and all the restaurants and cafes.

The entrance to Adamsons

For dinner that night we ate at Morries Restaurant, a very lively and busy place a few minutes walk up the street from our accommodation.

Enjoying cocktails and wine with good friends

We shared a few plates of delicious food and also a few more glasses of wine.

The next morning after a fitful night, due to the wind, rain and gum nuts falling onto the corrugated iron roof, we headed off to the cafe nearby for breakfast.

A walk up and down the main street before heading back to Perth was all we had time for, but enough time for me to take photos of the stunning murals along the way.

Bussell Highway, Margaret River

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
African Proverb

Both of these beautiful dog portraits are by an artist known as “Hope Perth”, also known as Brendan. There are many of his wonderful works of art throughout WA.

The Fabulous Prince

Another by Hope Perth

Artists Ian Mutch and Jack Bromell, along with Wadandi Elder and award-winning artist Sandra Hill, created the mural to represent Wadandi Country and the local flora and fauna.

“Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead Of Me, As Is Ever So On The Road.” – Jack Kerouac

Thanks for joining me on this mini road trip, we had the best time, especially when good friends join us too.


  1. Hey Ali I love that African proverb – I’ve stowed that one away for future use. Funnily enough, when we’re on a long drive in an unfamiliar country, Michaela only drives the long straight stretches…why? Because I’m no good at using modern day navigation methods and she is very good at it, particularly as we enter the big cities. Seems similar to you two! Anyway, thank your lucky stars that he was Columbus in an earlier life and not Icarus.

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