Overnight at The Movenpick, Kuala Lumpur

We flew Perth to Kuala Lumpur to begin our travels in Malaysia. I thought I had filled out all appropriate forms to enter Malaysia but was told by the Check In Clerk that I hadn’t! She helped out a bit but said I would need to complete certain sections before getting to Malaysia. I did my best but obviously missed quite a few sections because we had trouble at immigration in Kuala Lumpur. Well I didn’t, my immigration man didn’t ask for any app to be shown, but Anthony wasn’t so lucky! So we had to head over to a help desk for them to complete it all for us. What a rigmarole. All vaccinations have to be entered, date, name and serial number – 3 times! After this we thought our luggage would be waiting for us, should not have tempted fate with that thought. Everyone from our plane was still waiting for their luggage. Finally 45 minutes later out it came, at least it arrived so I should count my blessings.

The Movenpick Hotel is around 15 minutes from the airport but we fancied a change from the regular airport hotel. I didn’t realise that we had arrived over a bank holiday weekend – The King’s Birthday plus the day after it was the beginning of the Haj, pilgrimage to Mecca. The hotel is connected to the Sebang Mosque.

We finally arrived at 11.30 pm, even though we were starving we couldn’t be bothered with room service so just went straight to bed. The pillows were the softest I’ve ever slept on.

Our very comfortable bed

Beautiful pools, but segregated!

We had a leisurely morning as our flight to Penang wasn’t until 2 pm. So after a relaxing buffet breakfast we had a wander around the pool. I didn’t have a swim as I was ready for travelling!

Until Penang!


  1. How interesting – I’ve never been anywhere where the pools are segregated like that! Is it usual in Malaysia or is it because of the connection to the mosque?

    A shame about all the hassle at the airport. I suspect we need to get used to more paperwork etc for the foreseeable future!

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  2. Ah the COVID minefield. It’s all a new game we travellers have to play – and no matter how good we think we are, it’s still a sigh of relief when you’re through it all. So looking forward to reading your travels.

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  3. The Covid protocols are annoying isn’t it. But at least it doesn’t seem that bad.

    Your attire seems very comfortable! Enjoy the coming days, Ali!

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  4. Goodness! Yours is not the only nightmare at immigration that I’ve heard of. My parents are headed to Penang in a couple of weeks, so we’ve tried to help them with the apps and paperwork and hopefully they will benefit from your experience.

    I’ve never actually experienced a segregated pool – the closest I have come to this is a sign detailing “appropriate swimwear” – note: ours did not fit the bill.

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    • Haha! There is an app called Mysujahtera and you have to fill out all details on this
      For the contact person I just put manager of the hotel! Also I wasn’t sure of the states to choose
      Anyway at KL Airport there is a small desk with people to help you do it
      If they can download the app first would be good


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