Sunset Heritage Precinct, Dalkeith, Western Australia

The Sunset Heritage Precinct is situated just a five minute drive away from where I live. The buildings and area surrounding this precinct have stood empty and derelict for many years. First opened as a Men’s Hospital in 1906, it finally closed its doors in 1995. Even now the old buildings are still closed off with wire fences. However the grounds have now been beautifully restored. The location is just perfect, sitting above the Swan River and surrounded by enormous mansions. I took a walk there the other day to see how it was progressing.

At the start of my walk heading into the precinct

From the above photos you can see how derelict and delapidated the buildings are and all closed off with barbed wire fences.

This whole area has been a bone of contention between the residents and the council for many years. Whether to knock it down or save it. I’m not sure why it is taking so long to finish, if they don’t start soon the buildings will just demolish themselves!

However the grounds are beautiful and it’s a lovely place to take a picnic or just have a wander.

A couple of the photos that have been produced to decorate the wire fences. I’m not sure if the photo on the right is of a wedding or a funeral!

As it was such a glorious day I headed off down to the beach, there is another staircase on the beach back up to the carpark.

Walking down to the beach I spotted this sign!

The beach edges the river and looks gloriously clear, although I wouldn’t take my chances on a swim here. The jelly fish are everywhere small, large and huge.

I didn’t fancy my chances of climbing over any rocks with this sign warning me off.

The stairs leading back up to the carpark, with the sun beating down. Actually it wasn’t that hot, a perfect 21 degrees.

At the top of these stairs there are two enormous mansions. I remember when they were being built many years ago.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this historical walk with me and a sneaky peak at some of the mansions that overlook the Swan River.

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  1. What a shame about the buildings, Alison. It must be very valuable real estate and you’d think the posh neighbours would want something better on their doorstep. Nice that the grounds remain open to the public though and I enjoyed my early morning stroll with you. Thanks a lot!

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  2. Such a shame to see these buildings standing empty and dilapidated! The gardens look lovely however, as does that little beach. Some rather impressive buildings too!

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    • Thanks for your comments. There is hardly any information about this place and I couldn’t find out much of a time line so I’ve no idea what those dates are, very frustrating
      Maybe the local library. One day if I get time😁

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