What’s on your Bookshelf – May

Time to review some more books for the WOYB challenge hosted by Debbie, Jo, Sue and Donna and I have three books to share with you this month.

The Match

Not one of Harlan’s best I have to say but I enjoyed it all the same. It’s the second in the series of The Boy From the Woods, a man simply known as Wilde. In this book he finally searches for the truth about himself and finds on a DNA site a 100% match for his father. This is when the trouble starts and he stumbles onto something more. I like the way Harlan Coben writes so will generally read most of his books. 3/5

Such a lovely read, I enjoyed every word as did a friend of mine. Set in 1960s California, it tells the tale of Elizabeth Zott a woman who is a chemist in a man’s world. Having been derailed by the unscrupulous men she works with, Elizabeth finds fame hosting a cooking show using her scientific skills. She has a daughter called Mad, who seems to be a child prodigy and thinks more like a teenager than a five year old. There are many hilarious characters in this book. A good fireside, feet up, rainy day kind of book. 5/5

This book has been on my TBR list for a while now so I took the plunge and dived right in. Set in the summer of 1822 in Edinburgh and the city is all of a dither about the forthcoming visit of George IV. It is about the botanical garden and a very rare plant about to flower. Not all of the characters are fictional and the story has elements of the truth about it. The main characters are just so well written you feel as you know them. Firstly Elizabeth a newly widowed young woman from London who comes to stay with an elderly relation and Belle, a courtesan with a mind of her own. Both women are drawn to each other through their love of plants. I loved this book also and highly recommend it. 5/5

A book that I tried in vain to read as it was for my bookclub was Klara and the Sun by Kashuo Ishiguro. It is about Artificial Friends who are made to live in a family and befriend a young teenager. I just felt that every character in the book was artificial and because it is written from Klara, the Artificial Friend’s point of view, there was no emotion in this book. Whenever I tried to read it, I was left feeling quite empty! It has great reviews so perhaps it was just me.

My A – Z of Favourite Authors ~ F ~

Looking through my “read” titles on my Kindle, I have quite a few for this letter.

Julian Fellowes – Past Imperfect. A very enjoyable read, although it does have very mixed reviews.
Gillian Flynn – All of her books, I am a huge fan.
Lucy Foley – The Hunting Party – A mystery set in the Scottish Highlands.
Ken FollettFall of Giants. A fantastic read set before and after World War I, it gave me a greater understanding of why the war started and which countries fought against each other.

I hope you enjoy some of these books as much as I have and find some new authors amongst them.


  1. Hi Ali, great to have you join us and I’m very interested in reading the Lessons in Chemistry, sounds a real delight. I love how we all read different things and get ideas from each other. That Annie Dillard quote is perfect!

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  2. I must read The Fair Botanist, it has been on my list for quite some time. I have heard Sara Sheridan speak a couple of times: she is very good. Mainly about her non-fiction book Where Are The Women? Apparently her next book is set in Glasgow and is about one of the first female photographers, so I’m looking forward to that.

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  3. You’ve mentioned 2 books that are going straight to my TBR – Lessons in Chemistry and The Fair Botanists… both sound great. Thanks for linking up.

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  4. “Lessons in Chemistry” is going on my TBR list. I’ve read a part of “Klara and the Sun” but I did not finish it because my loan expired. I’m not sure if I’ll borrow it again to finish the book..

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