Kumamoto to Nagasaki – June 2016

Travels with Ali

4 June 2017

After spending the night in Kumamoto we boarded the car ferry to Shimabara and then heading over to Nagasaki.

Had a very interesting stop in Shimabara to have a look at the castle. It was built in 1615 and took around four to seven years to complete. After 250 years it fell into disrepair and restoration began in the 1960’s. You can go inside and have a look at the old warrior costumes and weapons through the years.

Shimabara Castle

Looking at the route above we then drove to Nagasaki via Unzen. This is where Anthony’s mum used to go for holidays when she was a young girl. A sentimental journey for Anthony. Unzen seafront had the feel of a 1930’s resort, so not much had changed since his mother had visited it seemed.


Then finally to our hotel in Nagasaki.


Very quaint hotel within walking distance…

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  1. I will enjoy all your posts this week but forgive me if I don’t comment. People to see, things to do, and with increasing age everything takes longer! Just in passing, I too loved Japan and would love to return but I fear that will not happen now. Never mind, I have my pictures and my memories.

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