Day two – Thingvellir/Geyser/Gulfoss

Travels with Ali

Off to an early start this morning as we had a long day ahead.  We were due to meet everyone on the tour plus our guide and driver at 9 am.  We were a very mixed group, all ages and nationalities and also different groups – couples, families and singles.  Our guide was called Magnusson.  At first he seemed a bit humourless but we had yet to learn Icelandic humour!  There was a lot of driving ahead of us but first stop was Thingvellir National Park.  Most of our fellow travellers seemed liked big camera enthusiasts with fancy cameras and then there was me with my trusty Samsung S4 phone, but I think I didn’t do too badly.


It didn’t seem like summer at all!

Had a quick stop for lunch.  It seems not just fish is their national dish but also lamb.  Everywhere had a lamb soup bubbling…

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