Lens-Artists Challenge #176 – One Image One Story

This week’s Lens-Artists’ Challenge is from Ann Christine who has invited us to post one image for each story.

“Please wait your turn”

On our trip to Hyderabad a few years ago with my son and his girlfriend, we did a few day trips. We were quite surprised on a number of these outings that we were the only Western people at each location. As you can see from the photos we were quite the attraction, well mostly Maddy!

Golkonda Fort

One of the palaces we visited, the girl on the left is getting ready for her phone to be used.

Ramoji Film Studio. We were all stopped several times here, but Maddy had a queue of mostly young men. I did have to say no more after a while as we would never have seen anything. Everyone was so friendly in each location and we had to retell our story many times as to why we were visiting. Hyderabad doesn’t seem that popular but we had an amazing week there.


  1. This made me smile and brought back great memories. Even though neither of us is particularly blonde (my husband is grey now and I would be too if I didn’t dye my hair mid brown), we still had very similar experiences all over Rajasthan. At Chittargargh we had a whole class of young boys clamouring for a photo with us, and at a roadside cafe somewhere a large family clambered out of their minibus to pose with me 🙂


  2. I had to laugh at your story (well said and shown!). when we were in China several young chinese girls wanted to take photos with me – and I’m not even blonde! In the further provinces they don’t see many Americans I suppose. Your post was a fond reminder.

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  3. This was quite interesting! And the photos you took captured such feeling. Even the people walking on the right in the last photo were interesting to look at. I love everything about this. And good for Maddy for her gracious spirit. Very nice. Donna

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