~ It’s a Good Week to have a Good Week ~

Ju-Lyn from Touring my Backyard has asked us to share our Happy Places and Spaces.

This week for me has been exceptionally busy with all kinds of things. I haven’t had much time at all to sit and blog, although I’ve been reading a few. My posts all seem to stay in my head and when I do get to sit at the computer, they’ve disappeared!

I’ll start with Friday. A friend from my Zumba class was hosting an Abba Party at her house on Friday evening. It was such a fun evening, everyone dressed up and danced for hours. I danced like a teenager but forgot to tell my body. Aches and pains followed the next day.

Most Mondays are now spent looking after my two precious grandchildren while my daughter works. It’s hard work for sure but such a privilege to be with them. This week I had Maddy’s help and we were able to go to Lake Claremont for a little walk and play.

Of course we had to stop in the cafe for a treat on the way back, Rosie mesmerised by herself!

Monday evening we met up with some very dear friends from South Australia on their last night in WA. We have been playing catch up for years and this is the first time in 17 years that we’ve been able to see them.

Tuesday and Friday are Bridge playing days. Tuesday was good, Friday bad! The mornings playing Bridge go so quickly and this is one of the things that I can completely focus on. Wednesday I was also at the Bridge Club having lessons! The weather on Tuesday and Wednesday was atrocious, high speed winds and heavy slanting rain. Such a difference to Monday.

I walked to the Bridge Club on Friday, a drastic improvement in the weather.

Wednesday night was also out for dinner with Laurence and Maddy. I must say that is the only good thing to come out of Covid that they have managed to get back from Melbourne to stay with us for a couple of months.

We are having a bathroom renovated and also some trees cut down in the garden, so people have been coming and going all week with trucks and vans. Scaffolding has been put up so Laurence could get to the trees easier! Well he has to earn his keep somehow.

Happy places for me are anywhere my family are and my happy spaces are on a dance floor or at a Bridge table!


  1. So nice to share your happy places, Alison. The kids are adorable and your daughter has the loveliest smile. It sounds like a full and happy week. Here’s wishing you another.

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  2. This was a lovely read Ali! So many lovely shots with your grandchildren and I can imagine how much fun your days are when you look after them. My husband (the Mathematician) plays Bridge but it’ not something I’ve ever got into, he loves it! Happy times and places for you!

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  3. An Abba party, so much fun! My husband used to love playing bridge, but hasn’t played in a while. I’m hopeless at card games!

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  4. Hi Ali
    What a fun post to highlight the week!
    And the ABBA party seems like such a good idea for community and body health – and happy recovering from that fun night!
    I did some extra workouts last week and so have taken about a week off to recover the body a bit. It is sometimes hard to know when to pull back and rest or to know when to push through and let a workout help the recovery – sometimes I might be too conservative but I really don’t want to nurse an injury.
    Anyhow – cheers to having grandkids in your life ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. You got me at ABBA party, Ali! and I love that you all dressed for the occasion! I can only imagine what you ladies were up to!

    I love all those smiles on your outings – the joy!

    Thank you for sharing your delight at #HappyPlaceHappySpace

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