What’s on your Bookshelf #3 – October

Another month of books reviews from Deb at Debs-World. A challenge Deb and some others are hosting called What’s on your Bookshelf

My bookclub this month chose Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell. It’s all about William and Anne Shakespeare and their children, mainly about the death of one of them. Sadly this was a DNF for me. It was just too “purple”, using ten words where one would do. It does have some great reviews, but in amongst all those five stars I spotted a few that thought along the same lines as me!

I have read another book by this author – The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox – which I really enjoyed – 4* from me.

I finished The Rose Code by Kate Quinn, recommended by Deb last month, I can’t say it was a favourite of mine – 3*. I recommended it to a friend and she loved it and has gone onto read the others in the series.

I read another of one of my favourite authors – Allie Cresswell, Relative Strangers. A book about a very dysfunctional family who get together one week in a stately manor for a celebratory anniversary. It ends in carnage and mayhem with some falling out and some getting closer. I enjoyed this book although not as much as her others – 4*.

On my shelf for this month are:

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde – Eve Chase
In the Dark – Deborah Moggach
Treasure and Dirt – Chris Hammer

An A to Z of my favourite authors

I thought I would select a few each month of favourite authors to share.

Isabel Allende – Daughter of Fortune and Portrait in Sepia
Kate Atkinson – Jackson Brodie series



  1. I loved Hamnet but there’s room in this world for different opinions! Currently I’m reading – and enjoying – an old one by Jodie Picault, “A Spark of Light” and after that I shall move on to the new thriller by Ian Rankin “A Song for the Dark Times” while I dip into “The Tomb in Seville” while waiting for meals to be ready – Norman Lewis’s last book, about his time in Spain during the Civil War. Although nothing will ever come up to his brilliant Naples 1944 in my opinion, this one is proving difficult to put down, especially as it’s about a period in Spanish history that fascinates me.


    • Thanks for your comments Mari, it seems I’m in the minority with Hamnet. I don’t read much non-fiction as I like to escape! I’ve not read any Ian Rankin or Jodi Picault. So many new books to read πŸ€”
      Enjoy your weekend 🍸


  2. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like Hamnet, that’s one of my favorite reads this year. But hey that’s the beauty of books we all have different opinions and tastes πŸ™‚ I haven’t read the Rose Code yet, I have it cued up on my Kindle but just haven’t got to it. I’ve read two of Kate Quinn’s other books and loved them, so I have high hopes! Happy reading!

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  3. Great to have you join us Ali and I always appreciate hearing the recommendations and thoughts of others on books I’ve enjoyed. Hamnet was for me a great read but I know of many others who felt like you about it! I’ve read some of Kate Atkinson but not the Jackson Brodie series, although funnily enough my husband is reading one at this moment, he found it at his mother’s house recently when he decided he needed something to read. I’ve not read any of Allie Creswell’s books so will keep an eye out.
    I’ve just finished Treasure and Dirt and really enjoyed it. Happy reading!

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  4. Hi Allison – this book sharing has been fun and I look forward to reading more posts
    – and what does DNF stand for – I am sure from context it relates to verbosity ?

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