Murals of Sao Bento Railway Station, Porto, Portugal – PastSquares

Porto was the last stop on our road trip from Biarritz to Porto in 2015. I had been told to visit the railway station to look at the murals on display. These are quite spectacular and well worth a visit. It is now a world heritage site and opened in 1904. The murals are the work of artist Jorge Colaco. The murals represent historic events in and daily life. They comprise approximately 20,000 azulejo tiles.

Egaz Moniz offering his life, his wife and his sons during the siege of Guimaraes

Posted as part of Becky’s PastSquares for October – Blue Squares


  1. The Sao Bento Station murals are magnificent. In my opinion they are the best in Portugal. There are at least two churches in Porto, which have facades covered in beautiful blue tiles – Igreja do Carmo (Carmo church) and Capela das Almas (Chapel of Souls).
    The last time I was in Porto was in 2017, I don’t get many chances to go there, as when I go to Portugal I mainly stay in Lisbon to visit family, but it’s a beautiful city.

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      • I have a few posts about Lisbon and the Azores islands in my blog. My husband was actually born in Sao Miguel and his younger brother still lives there. I love the islands, so lush and beautiful. Enjoy your planned trips Alison.


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