Laid Back Luang Prabang – PastSquares

These are photos from another post that didn’t attract too much attention, so here they are again.

The original post was also titled Laid Back Luang Prabang and we visited in 2016. I would love to go back again one day, I just loved the atmosphere there and the people. It was all very calm and unhurried, so wonderfully relaxing.

Some of the 4,000 tiny buddhas inside the cave
The Pool at The Luang Prabang Hotel where we spent an afternoon

Posted as part of Becky’s PastSquares for October


    • It’s such an amazing place, we found that hotel by accident. Our hotel didn’t have a pool so I asked the receptionist which hotels had pools and she recommended this one. We just paid around US$25 for the afternoon. This came with free towels and a cocktail!

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