Lens-Artist Challenge – Going Wide

This week Patti at P.A. Moed has set the challenge of “Going Wide”. This means taking photos with the wide angle lens on your camera. Most of the time I use my Galaxy S10 which has three cameras including the wide angle lens. I find that it generally takes very good photos. I do own a Canon Powershot but to take above average shots I think I would need a tripod.

Below are some I’ve taken over the years.

Taken while crossing a bridge in Tasmania
Posing on the sand dunes in Fuerteventura
Another from Fuerteventura
Overlooking Mt. Aso, Japan
Between Banff and Canmore, Canada


  1. It’s true Alison, these days phone cameras do a fine job with wide shots and panoramas. It gets harder every day for the camera companies to compete unless one is willing to carry a very heavy bag with a number of expensive lenses! Lovely images for the challenge this week.

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  2. Great pictures! Sometimes beautiful pictures of the mountains, like yours from Canada, makes me a little homesick. Tennessee has some lovely rolling hills, but nothing quite like the dramatic mountains of other places.

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  3. You’ve really hit the jackpot here Alison, with these lovely wide-angle shots. AND you’ve made me think about phone cameras although I don’t think the weight would allow me to hold one steady enough to prevent camera shake.

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    • Thanks Mari. If you get one of the latest phones there wouldn’t be camera shake. So easy to use as you can just whip your phone out whenever you see a great photo


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