Disconnect to Reconnect

Wise words in today’s busy world when everyone is connected to some type of device. For One Word Sunday Debbie has chosen the word Rest.

The photos below are from a few years back when we were in Hoi An, Vietnam.

I’ve never been in a rickshaw as I’ve always felt sorry for the “driver’s” legs. This man has probably earned a good rest after pulling tourists around all day.

These beach workers are taking a break during a quiet time. Look how close the beds are, we met quite a few people lying next to us! You can’t but help overhear the conversations. I don’t think anyone would like to lie so closely together in future.


  1. Good choice. And no I don’t want anybody that close to me ever again. Was in a restaurant recently and we were almost finished when people sat at the table next to us and we both found ourselves leaning away from them. BTW the restaurant should have had every other table blocked off as per the social distancing rules.

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  2. I don’t like being so close to people either but you can hear conversations even when people are much farther away. Apparently many have no indoor voices. I was glad to see the entire photo of the man in the rickshaw as I first thought he was in a wheelchair! 🙂


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