Monday Murals : Mount Lawley, WA

Only recently have I discovered so much street art work around Perth. Melbourne doesn’t have the monopoly anymore after I visited Mount Lawley, a suburb north of Perth. I downloaded an urban street art map and found all sorts of wonderful works up side streets and down alleys.

Seinfeld and his cronies

Who can you spot? Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, George, Jerry White and the Soup Nazi!

The above mural was painted by Paul Deej on the wall behind the IGA Supermarket.

I could just about make out the picture on this. James Dean? I cannot seem to find any info about this picture.

Painting of a fish by Amok Island, a Dutch artist now living in Perth
A Mel McVee painting

This last one is my favourite, so colourful and with so much detail. By Pablito – Something about Jazz

I’m not one for going into art museums but there’s something about street art that really grabs my attention. I will be following the Perth Street Art Map around the suburbs from now on.

Linked to Monday Mural by Sami


  1. Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals Alison. I know the Seinfeld mural and some of the others, but never seen the James Dean or the last one by Pablitosomething, although I’ve seen one of his other murals in a music shop in Beaufort street. Looking forward to your discoveries.

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  2. dear Alison, for someone that appreciates street art (like me! eheh), these collection of posts are wonderful, thanks for sharing 🙂 have a great weekend and cheers from Portugal 🙂 PedroL

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  3. The black and white one you can’t make out is Holiday in Rome with Audrey Hepburn. I could recognise that scene anywhere ❤
    Also, a massive Seinfield fan. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

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