On the Way

The Friendly Friday challenge for the next two weeks has been set by Amanda from Something to Ponder About. It’s all about travelling to or from somewhere.
My featured photo is from a trip to Vientiane, Laos. A man walking in the countryside with his woven baskets.

Going Home

Everybody rides bikes in Vietnam, old and young alike. The woman on the left doesn’t even have her baby in a sling! The small boys at the front in both photos look like they are driving as well.
I took the above photos from a car next to the bikes, a bit of a blurry result!

Going to and from work and school are my thoughts on the above two photos. I wonder how the man on the left didn’t lose his balance!
The left photo is in Hue and the right, Hanoi.


Hyper Hanoi – October 2016

Adding onto our Laos/Vietnam trip we flew to Hanoi from Luang Prabang and planned to stay here for three days. Β We decided instead of organised trips we would just explore Hanoi on our own. Β I had booked three days at Hotel Nikko a very large Japanese hotel near Hoan Kiem…


  1. And no safety helmets either! Leaves me with fond memories of Asia and how my friends would laugh hilariously when I refused to take a motorcycle taxi due to the danger. A very soft Westerner, am I!

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