Colourful Copenhagen

After leaving Gothenburg, we travelled to Copenhagen using a Flix bus. The journey took around five hours and crossed into Copenhagen from Malmo over the Oresund Bridge. This bridge became very famous after the Nordic Noir series “The Bridge”. One of my all time favourite TV series. Travelling on a Flix bus is a great way to see the countryside and I had booked seats directly behind the driver. When we arrived in Copenhagen there was a Mexican standoff between our bus and another bus on a two lane road into the station. In the end we had to get off the bus and walk for around 15 minutes along cobblestones to find a taxi to our hotel.

Oresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge is an approximately 16 km long road and rail link between Sweden and Denmark. It consists of three sections: a bridge, an artificial island and a tunnel. The link opened on July 1 2000. Source: Oresund Bridge

Arriving at our hotel – Copenhagen Strand – at around 4 pm we checked in and then set about exploring. I loved Copenhagen on sight and had no idea how stunning this city was. We were staying just around the corner from the picturesque Nyhavn Canal. We walked up and down this beautiful 17th century waterfront looking for a place for a snack and drink. It was difficult to choose as there are so many bars and restaurants. Even on a cold afternoon or night you can sit outside as there are heaters and blankets to keep warm.

Day One

Although we were only here for two nights/three days, really that’s all you need in Copenhagen as it is a very walkable city and probably all most people could afford as it is very expensive.

Day Two

I decided on the Christian IX palace today and a walk along Stroget later. With so many spires, steeples and old buildings that are dotted around Copenhagen I had my phone out constantly snapping away. The palace is situated on Slotsholmen (Castle Island) in the middle of the city.

I really would have like to visit inside this palace but with time ticking on and many more things to see we just had time to visit the ruins underneath the palace. The palace is built on 800 year old ruins. The oldest ruin is the wall from
Bishop Absalon’s 12th century castle. I think you would need at least half a day or more to really explore this palace.

Next we walked to Stroget, the famous shopping street. This was Anthony’s treat for sightseeing in the morning! Strøget is a pedestrian, car free shopping area in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is 1.1 km long and has many designer shops, restaurants and bars. We found one of the large department stores, Illum, a fancy five floor shopping mall with a rooftop restaurant. Here we had a delicious lunch and a glass of wine.

The Round Tower

As there was still some daylight left I wanted to take a look at The Round Tower. This building offers some of the best views in Copenhagen and it has a spiral ramp to walk up to the top, so much better than the stairs I was expecting! Still it was quite an effort to walk up but so worth it. It dates back to the 17th Century and was built by King Christian lV.

The Round Tower

I felt quite accomplished at the end of the day as we had seen so much already.

Day Three

All too soon our stay in Copenhagen was coming to an end. So after checking out at 11 am we decided not to waste time and set out for exploring more of Copenhagen. I managed to persuade Anthony to visit another palace! This time it was Amelienborg Palace, the home of the Danish royal family. This place was just simply stunning and we were lucky enough to be there for the changing of the guards. It was first built in the 1750’s but has been rebuilt a couple of times due to fires. Again I only got to view the outside due to hubby’s need to press on and see other things, namely more shops.

Frederik’s Church was just around the corner so we walked over to have look at this magnificent church, also called the Marble church. It is an 18th century Lutheran church with the largest dome in Scandinavia.

After this we still managed to find time for a visit to another department store. The famous Magusin du Nord, with its flagship store in Copenhagen. It’s a great one-stop place to shop and has something for everyone here.

Below are some of the other photos I snapped during our three day stay in Copenhagen.

The Little Pharmacy – home of the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen.

I love this cute statue of two old people

You would keep nice and warm at this cosy cafe, not sure about the table decoration though!



  1. Copenhagen is strikingly beautiful and well organized despite it’s high population density and crowds of tourists. I found the outskirts of Copenhagen even more beautiful and seemingly in harmony with nature.
    The crossing the Oresund Straits on the Oresund Bridge is a must-have experience. I crossed both times by rail. Crossing it via road gives you a better view and an opportunity to click mesmerizing pictures.. ❤ ❤
    Thank you Madam for sharing.. 😊😊

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