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Some of my favourite photos


  1. i’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I’ve dipped in today and have had an enjoyable read and browse through your photos. I’ve never been to Perth but have been to Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns and loved my time there. In fact, my husband and I agreed that if we’d been younger we would have seriously thought about emigrating! I have a nephew now living in Sydeny with wife and baby (permanent residents) and one in New Zealand, so I shall make my way down yonder one of these days when all this quietens down.


    • Hi
      Thanks so much for reading 🥰
      I’m very lucky to live in Australia now, coming all the way from Essex.
      Perth is beautiful but so far away from everywhere else, good at the moment due to Covid though.
      Your site says it’s been deleted, is that correct when I press on your name


  2. Hello Alison, finally I am able to get to your blog – only at night since Ihave no official wifi, but can reach you with the IPad – not computer). Was not expecting the rural side of Aust. Is similar to that of the USA. will get back to you when I have moved to my new place, to explain how to get your image s on the photo link list of aLl Seasons. would be jazzed if you could join us. there are 3 others fromAus who weekly join. have a lovely time until then, Jesh


  3. What cute pups! I had a dog with up/down ears too. They are extra special. I have two elderly dogs and we can’t travel until they are done living on this earth. Too much maintenance for a kennel at this point. We’re looking forward to being able to travel but unfortunately the price for that will be more than I’d willingly pay if I had the choice.
    I’m enjoying looking through your blog and the fun places you’ve been though!

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Our dogs are still young so can just about cope with the kennels, but it’s still horrible all the same. We can’t travel outside of WA until next year anyway so at the moment it’s just a three or four night stay for them.

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  4. Hello Alison, am coming to fulfill my promis to explain how to get on the photo linklist of All Seasons.

    *Press on Link Here (in blue). A new page is opened up.
    *Copy and paste your perma link on the first line, and the other information they ask.
    *Then chosse “From Web” or “From Files” (you will see the pics of your post)
    Choose one and crop. Voila, you’re done.

    The Link list is open every Sunday 12 am to Wednesday 12 pm, Texas time (sorry I don’t know off hand how many hours of time difference we have with you., but since it’s open a few days, you will be able to get on there. Hope to see you there soon! Jesh


      • Hi Alison, just saw your like. Tonight – 2nd of January – I posted a new All Seasons post, opening up tomorrow, Sunday. On the bottom of the post is says “Click Here ” in blue.
        By the way, hope your Christmas was enjoyable, and wishing you all the best for 2021;0 That it may be an easier year for all of us! Jesh

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  5. Hi Alison, We also had two new grandbabies born during Covid last year and lost my MIL so it was a mixed up year! Looking forward to following along on your travels :). Lovely to ‘meet’ you!

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      • It’s the best!! I’m so lucky my 2 little ones are coming to visit for Easter, one is 2.5yrs and her little brother is 11 weeks. I have a 1 year old grandson in Brisbane and my little granddaughter (born at 25 weeks in August 2019) is in the UK and I don’t know when I’ll be able to see her in person again, and her mother of course!

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  6. Hello Alison – hope you are doing well! Saw my comment from January, and that must have been about the All Seasons challenge.Since WordPress completely went over to the block editor, my way of linking has become very easy: “Copy and paste” in the comment section!
    A happy Easter to you! Jesh

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