About me

This blog is not just about my travels but also daily life in the beautiful city of Perth, WA. I love taking photos and I use the Samsung S10 which takes fantastic photos.   Most of my travels are well researched beforehand, going back and forth between google maps, tripadvisor and booking.com.  My husband comes along to keep me company!  
I hate to leave my two fur boys behind in kennels though and don’t like to be away for more than a month because of this. 
Plus I am now a grandmother of a two year old grandson with a granddaughter on the way!



Check out my posts to see where we’ve been so far.  




  1. i’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I’ve dipped in today and have had an enjoyable read and browse through your photos. I’ve never been to Perth but have been to Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns and loved my time there. In fact, my husband and I agreed that if we’d been younger we would have seriously thought about emigrating! I have a nephew now living in Sydeny with wife and baby (permanent residents) and one in New Zealand, so I shall make my way down yonder one of these days when all this quietens down.


    • Hi
      Thanks so much for reading 🥰
      I’m very lucky to live in Australia now, coming all the way from Essex.
      Perth is beautiful but so far away from everywhere else, good at the moment due to Covid though.
      Your site says it’s been deleted, is that correct when I press on your name


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