~ Sun, Sea Sand and Sculptures – A Taste of Things to come ~

It’s been so hot in Perth these last few days I finally persuaded Anthony to come to the beach with me. We arrived around 4.30 pm and found somewhere for the deckchairs. This week is the opening of Sculptures by the Sea 2023, so it was pretty busy on the beach with some sculptures already up and others being erected. Bulldozers were going up and down on the sand creating spaces for sculptures that needed reinforcing.

“The beach is a place of art,
Where sand comes alive by the sun’s light,
Where sculptures spring up like mushrooms in the night.
Each wave that greets the shore,
A brush stroke of ambience,
Creating a masterpiece on the sea floor
Sculptures of sand, soaked by the sun’s kiss,
Moulded with care, to make us never miss
The memories of our days at the shore,
And the special places we just can’t ignore.”

A poem created by the new AI Block on WordPress

I have just been reading Deb’s post about this new block and thought I would give it a try! I suppose it is cheating but so much fun.

As you can see Anthony is waiting patiently for me to have a quick swim. It’s ironic that I decided to go for a swim on the first day of Autumn and no sign of the end of the Summer in sight!

So far there are some wonderful colours dotted around and I’m looking forward to sharing more in the next couple of weeks.

My featured photo shows the surf lifesavers practicing their exercises. I thought this showed a certain order as I watched them paddling out, circling around and back again. (For Marsha’s WQ post).

In a sea of chaos and dismay
Order can brighten up your day.
An unbroken pattern of sound
That summons things around.

Another AI poem!


  1. Great post, Ali. I loved the two-paddler sculpture best of all the sculptures and the sky really made it pop. Great photo. I read about the AI poems, too in her post. Yours turned out quite beautifully. I’m so glad you had a beach date and shared it with us all. Thanks for joining in this week, my friend. 🙂

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  2. Enjoyed seeing the beach sculptures and I’m sure you enjoyed your cooling dip in the sea. I don’t like swimming in the sea as I’m not a very good swimmer but can happily paddle awhile and sit in a deckchair for a short time until I get bored! Have a lovely weekend.

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  3. There is nothing better than a day at the beach. We’ve had a lot of those lately also. I like that you have a grassy area in addition to the sandy beach. That is convenient.

    The poems you created with AI are suprisingly good. I wrote a post a while back with about 80% assistance. It is a fun feature to play around with.

    Enjoy your last remaining days of summer. We are still months away, but it already feels like it will be a hot one.

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  4. How interesting – when you mentioned the sculptures on the beach I was assuming sand sculptures so I was surprised to see all that colour! I’m not sure I’ll be trying the AI blocks any time soon but I’ve been curious to see other people’s results 🙂

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    • It’s an event held every year and I think in other parts of Australia as well. Some of them are fantastic but others, well they can just look like bits of wire and wood stuck together! The AI blocks are a bit like cheating I suppose!

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