Another Year Over…2022

There goes another year. I feel it has been a long one, maybe because we have travelled a fair bit. When I think this time in 2021 we were travelling back to the UK, it seems an age ago.

January: After receiving bad news about my Dad we decided to go back to the UK for a few months. In the end we stayed ten weeks. I’m happy to say my Dad is still thriving and is the original Iron Man after receiving many iron infusions and blood transfusions. I have to say a big thank you to the NHS for keeping him here.

Arriving in the UK at the height of the pandemic was stressful as was having to wear a mask. Perth was still barricaded against the rest of the world and we were living in our own little bubble.

February: Still in the UK and both of us caught Covid, even though we had just had our third vaccine. We had time to travel to Devon for a few days to a dear friend’s funeral before this. During this time we also had the pleasure of Storm Eunice.

February was also the start of the horrendous war in the Ukraine which everyone thought would never happen.

March: We headed back to Perth in the middle of this month only for Anthony to get Covid once again, this time with some serious health implications for him. The year hasn’t been wonderful for him health wise but he is definitely much better now. It was strange returning to Perth and having to wear masks after leaving UK who had dropped the masks!

April: We celebrated Easter during this month and a short visit from Laurence and Maddy, always a happy occasion.

May: We travelled to Melbourne to celebrate Laurence’s birthday, taking Elena and the children with us.

June: For our wedding anniversary we took a trip to Penang and Langkawi. Unfortunately Anthony fell very ill with salmonella poisoning and ended up in hospital for an afternoon! We still managed to enjoy most of the trip.

July: A mini break down to the South West of WA, Albany and Margaret River.

August: Back to Melbourne again to see Laurence and Maddy. Making the most of the borders being open and marvelling at travelling again. I don’t think I’ll ever travel again without having that doubt about flights being cancelled or luggage not turning up.

September was spent in Perth playing Bridge, seeing films and going to a concert. Many nights sitting in front of the fire as it was still so chilly here.

October: A mini break with dear friends in Dunsborough, WA

November: Another family vacation, this time back to Bali, our first time in three years. So happy to visit again.

December: Finally back to Hong Kong also after three long years. We had a wonderful week despite three days of room service in the hotel, due to a “quarantine measure”.


Christmas was spent in Perth and it was an amazing fun filled day with all the family at ours for the day. There were so many gifts opened, bottles of champagne and wine drank and turkey and ham consumed. My garage now looks like a recycling centre which will take time to clear.

As I look back at my year, I give thanks for my fortunate life. We’ve had ups and downs with health issues and it’s a miracle that my dad is still here. I’m off to the UK again in January, to celebrate my mum’s 90th birthday and hopefully find them both in reasonable health.

I hope to continue to be part of the wonderful WordPress blogging community, I’ve enjoyed many of your posts and made numerous new friends.

Also posted as part of The Changing Season and Sunday Stills hosted by Terri


  1. A shame about the health issues that affected your Dad and Anthony, but otherwise a packed year for you with lots of family fun and some great travels. I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting up when you come back to London! Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŽ‰

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  2. Although I’m envious of your travels last year against which my three short trips away from home seem an embarrassment, I did so enjoy reading about them so I hope they continue next year. Hope things continue steady on the health issue with your dad and that you and Anthony continue to enjoy the challenges of life. Happy travelling in 2023.

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  3. Your family pictures are so heartwarming, Ali, and our loved ones help make the world go round! Your travels were extensive and you were quite the trooper to bend back and forth for the mask and quarantine rules! I’m glad you could be with your father and that he recovered. I still worry about my dad living in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California as his health is declining. Enjoy your visit with your mom and safe travels. Covid will likely be endemic along with cold and flu for years to come. On my last two plane flights, I wore my mask (and still caught a cold). Great to see your retrospective post for Sunday Stills!

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    • Thanks for your comments Terri, unfortunately my dad won’t recover he’s just living with it. Although I hate wearing masks, when you hear the awful coughs people have on planes I’m glad. But I normally catch something on the plane!

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  4. Lots of great travels Ali, and a good recap of your year, despite the ups and downs. Love all the family time and photos. Enjoy your UK trip and hope your family members there are well. It’s been a pleasure to keep in touch with you via our blogs. You are one of my most prolific commenters so I sincerely thank you and appreciate your time reading and your comments.

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  5. Lots of lovely travel, although the health issues would have been concerning at the time. I know what you mean about wondering whether we’ll ever travel “normally” again re luggage and plane cancellations etc.

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  6. Ali, what a wonderful wrap-up. Your parents must be amazing. I’m sorry your poor husband had Covid twice! Yikes. We haven’t worn masks much since we got here to Prescott in 2020. My husband had Omicron in January 2021, and I pneumonia and pulmonary embolisms in 2021, but no Covid. We’re both doing well now. Probably our mountain air kills those nasty Covid viruses! Your time in Bali sounds amazing. I’ve never been there. Hope you have a wonderful 2023!

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  7. Well Alison has been busy. We shall
    see where 2023 will take you. And I see that you are off to the UK again early on.

    Sorry to hear about health issues of your dad and Anthony. But aside from that, happy times with family. Be safe and more travels to you in 2023 ๐Ÿ‘

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