~ Sightseeing in Bali at Tengenungen Waterfall ~

During our week in Bali, Anthony and I hired a driver to visit one of the many waterfalls that Bali has to offer. Tengenungen was around 30 minutes drive away and our driver was going to wait for a few hours while we explored.

This not a free attraction but the fee to enter is minimal. Before walking to the steps down to the waterfall there is a small strip with many stalls selling the usual Balinese crafts. They were all calling out to us to visit on the way back.

This was the first sight of the waterfall and the glass bridge across the river. The bridge wasn’t open that day, which was a relief with the sun beating down.

It was an extremely hot and humid day and there were nearly 200 stairs to traverse! The stairs of course were not nice and even enabling one foot after the other, rather they were all different sizes; steep, wide, narrow and shallow. So it was a case of walking down like a toddler learning to walk, for me anyway.

There was a hotel set amongst the rocks with a gorgeous looking swimming pool and tables with umbrellas around it. I’m not sure if you would want to spend more than one night here.

A cute bird’s nest, large enough for a person to sit in. I did see a lady climb in, I wasn’t brave enough as the drop was too steep! It didn’t look that safe, it definitely wouldn’t have passed health and safety requirements in Australia.

Finally at the bottom we saw there were “bridges” to cross the pool to the waterfall and more steps going up the other side. I decided to sit and watch Anthony go across as it all looked a bit risky to me. If someone was going to fall in it would be me.

I thought you would be able to swim in the pool down below but there were signs saying no swimming, I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway because of all the rocks. The sight of the waterfall amongst all the lush tropical greenery was worth the effort.

Anyone could use these signs to take selfies with, but again I wasn’t brave enough to climb over the logs and through the water to get to them.

Anthony’s journey across the river

I’m glad to say Anthony made it back in one piece and then we made our way back up again. Oh, boy was this tough going. I was stopping every four or five steps and with a lady hot on my tail. I had to keep turning round and apologising but she said, “no, you’re okay, it’s exactly my pace”. Then she said “you must be 30 years younger than me”! Well that would have made me 30 or her 90, maybe it was my hat and dark glasses.

Once at the top we stopped and looked at one of the stalls and I bought a dress and Anthony bought himself a sari! He said he wanted to wear it around the garden at home, but he wore it to dinner that night. He surprises me everyday.

Stopping off for a coconut and a last look across the river at the bridge.

It was a lovely morning and I’m glad we made the effort to go. There are so many different places to see in Bali but the heat does affect you, early morning is the best time to go.


  1. A beautiful waterfall and I can see it would be worth the effort to visit, even in tropical heat. But like you I would struggle a bit with the uneven steps and I would be staying firmly on one side of the water! Quite likely though my husband would cross, as Anthony did 🙂 By the way, we have a photo of his sari (brave man!) but not of your dress?

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  2. The waterfall is spectacular. I’m glad you got to go, but I probably couldn’t have taken the humidity or the stairs. I would’ve fallen right in the river if I had tried to cross the boards that Anthony was walking on. Oh, and tell him his sari looks fantastic with his Hey Dudes!

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  3. It does indeed look beautiful, so luscious. I’m talking about Bali, not about your husband in a skirt ha ha. We would definitely have been straight across those boards, without doubt….looks like a very minor challenge to me…..we’ve done worse! I do like the look of Bali though, maybe it’ll go on the agenda for when we eventually get to Australia.

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